Indian Bride dumps Groom after Kissing Her for Bet

In a bizarre incident, an Indian bride dumped her new husband after he allegedly kissed her for a bet with his friends.

Indian Bride cancels Wedding over 'Cheap' Lehenga f

“He did not care about my self-respect"

An Indian bride dumped her new husband after he allegedly kissed her in front of the wedding guests in order to win a bet with his friends.

It was reported that she also filed a police complaint against the groom.

The couple got married on November 26, 2022, in Uttar Pradesh.

The newlyweds were sitting on the stage when the groom suddenly kissed the bride in front of 300 guests.

After the kiss, an upset bride left the stage and went to her room.

Her family went after her and attempted to calm her down, however, the 23-year-old refused to return to the stage.

Instead, she went to the police station to file a complaint against the groom.

The young woman told police that the groom kissed her in order to win a bet with his friends. Now she is “doubtful about his character”.

She said: “He was touching me inappropriately while we were on the stage, but I ignored it.

“Then he did something unexpected. I was shocked and felt insulted.

“He did not care about my self-respect and acted badly in front of several guests. How would he act in the future?”

The groom refuted the claims that he kissed her as part of a Rs. 1,500 (£15) bet.

Meanwhile, reports said that the bride herself had dared the groom to kiss her in public before the ceremony started.

The duo agreed that if the groom succeeded in kissing her onstage, the bride would give him Rs 1,500 and if he failed, he would give her Rs 3,000 (£30).

When brought up at the police station, the Indian bride denied the allegations.

According to the woman’s mother, “the groom was provoked by his friends”.

The mother said:

“We tried to convince my daughter but she refused to marry him.”

“We have decided to wait for a few days and let her take some time to decide.”

According to the police, “the couple is technically married as the rituals were done by the time the incident happened”.

At the police station, both parties reached an agreement to be separated and no action was taken.

Despite the two sides reaching an agreement to be separated, the marriage registration cannot be revoked easily as their wedding was officiated by the chief minister.

The duo will have to approach a court to legally annul their marriage.

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