India’s KFC focuses on Chicken forgetting Vegetarians

KFC India pushes aside their vegetarian menu to promote more chicken to world’s biggest vegetarian country.

KFC India

KFC have taken a huge gamble in the world's most vegetarian country.

India has one of the lowest meat consumption rates in the world, with approximately 48% of their population being non-meat eaters.

Popular western fast-food chains have always been accustoming to vegetarian Indians, with McDonald’s setting the trend by having a bigger vegetarian menu to cater for their non-meat eating customers.

Popular pizza chain Dominos even restricted their menu in some of their branches across India, to vegetarian pizzas during holy Hindu festivals.

However, a mere two years after KFC announced they will put extra effort to sell more vegetarian options, they have decided to go back to what they do best: chicken.

When KFC announced their vegetarian menu, with their Paneer Zinger and Veg Twister, it went down a storm.

It makes sense for a brand with chicken in its name, to pride itself on exactly that. However, what about the near half of India’s population that do not eat meat?

KFC have said they are not cutting out or changing their vegetarian menu, however all their efforts are currently going towards their avid meat eaters.

They have already launched a variety of new ad campaigns promoting their new chicken friendship bucket and Chizza.

Lluis Ruiz Ribot, the chief marketing officer for KFC India said: “The food scenario in India has evolved really quickly. Consumers are well-travelled, exposed to global trends, willing to try new food, and seek food that is authentic.”

By altering their investments and attention from paneer to chicken, KFC have taken a huge gamble in the world’s most vegetarian country.

“While chicken has always been a large part of our menu, 2016 is the year that we have refocused on our core, as a result all the big ticket launches so far have been driven by chicken,” said Lluis.

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