7 Incredible Desi Wedding Dance-Off Performances

A wedding should be something everyone can join in the dance. We look at seven incredible Desi wedding dance-off performances you have to see.

desi wedding dance-off performances

The girl's Bhangra skills receive admiration from the DJ

Dancing at Desi weddings is one of the most memorable things you will witness. Especially, if it involves dance-off performances.

Desi wedding dances are full of energy, and when the bride and groom have had their unique and imaginative first dance, it paves the way for the fun to begin.

Dance-offs have become very popular at Desi weddings, especially at Punjabi weddings. Be it the groom vs. bride or guests from opposite sides, they are a great highlight.

Dance-off performances are where two parties dance against each other in a potentially competitive way.

Usually, it’s opposing sides one party from the groom’s side and the other from the bride’s side.

With some dance sequences which are well-choreographed to others which are improvised on the spot, the two parties have to try and outdo each other, regularly alternating.

The dance-offs provide tremendous entertainment at Desi weddings and definitely raise the bar when it comes to seeing some of the participants show off their busting moves!

We’ve selected some of the most popular and vibrant Desi wedding dance-off performances for you to see.

Bride and Groom Dance-Off


This dance-off is completely between the bride and groom.

The dance begins with the announcement that there will be a twist on a regular first dance.

Announcer MC Prince Virk said that he was going to tell the love story between Shawn and Pavnit.

Each part of how they met and their increasing love for each other was told through a dance performance by Shawn and Pav.

The dance-off starts with Miss Pooja’s Akh Mastani song which is what Pav dances to, teasing Shawn’s side.

In response to the cheers, Shawn responds with his moves to Jatt 24 Carat Da by singer Harjit Harman.

This unique dance-off continues with the MC taking the couple through their journey with dances to popular songs.

When it was either Shawn or Pav’s turn to dance, they jokingly taunted each other to try and get more support from their guests.

The Canadian Punjabi couple’s dance is how a dance-off should be, fun-filled, energetic and of course, competitive!

This is a well-choreographed dance-off between the couple and incorporates some great bhangra tunes to make it one of the best wedding dance-off performances.

Girl Smashes it on the Dancefloor


The competitive nature of this dance-off performance is truly inspiring.

The two people on the dance floor are from opposing sides. A young girl and a guy represent the sides. 

Both of them have the dancefloor clear for their performance with the guy looking confident raising his arm in the air.

As the Kudos DJ spins the very popular Bhangra tune 3 Peg by Sharry Mann, they both commence this sensational dance-off.

As the song gets into full swing, the young girl in heels and traditional clothes literally destroys the guy on the dancefloor.

She is energetic throughout performing more dance moves which show you how it should be done.

It does not go unnoticed as their guests are cheering at the efforts made during the performance by her.

The girl’s Bhangra skills receive admiration from the DJ who says:

“I think this lady is a professional.”

This Desi wedding dance-off shows that one side played the ace-card against the other to completely take over the dancefloor and own it.

Two Sides Dance-Off


This dance-off performance is one which has five mini dance-offs, where Harj and Pam the couple select one person each from their side to compete.

The first dance beginning the dance-off is to the upbeat and popular Bhangra song Aaja Ni Aaja by Amar Arshi.

Their dance-off is more of an introduction to the main event which features family members from each side.

The next dance is a very energetic dance-off between the ‘best bhangra’ dancer from each side who dance to Punjabi MC’s Mundiya to Bach Ke.

It is more competitive than others as the DJ Jazzy – Kollective Music urges the performances.

This is seen with every member showing off their moves to try to win against their opposition. Including two uncles and two aunties.

All members perform their top Bhangra and dance moves in the dances before it finishes with Raj and Balpreet taking the dancefloor.

High energy throughout this extensive dance-off performance makes it a very entertaining watch!

Outside Performance


This is a dance-off performance with a difference. It takes place outside instead of the usual indoor dances on the dance floor the reception party.

The dance-off is the bride and bridesmaids versus the groom and groomsmen.

It opens with Thrift Shop by Macklemore as the women perform their choreographed piece.

The men then showcased their dance skills to the chorus of Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.

Both are not the traditional Desi style of dance but have more of a Western feel with some hints.

The groom’s team then get into the groove of Bhangra with the uptempo Tootak Tootak song by Malkit Singh.

To which the bride’s team reply with a dance to the hit Bollywood song Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna from DDLJ.

Both the men and women alternate their performance, giving a proper dance-off feel.

The dance-off is one which showed what it is all about, having fun, which is evidenced by the laughter that can be heard in the background.

It finishes with all dance members coming together for a collaborative dance.

A Boy Takes on the Adult


In an unusual dance-off, this is is a performance by guests from opposite sides, where young meets old – a man versus a boy.

The young boy looks determined before the dance begins to find an opponent where he can show his skills.

His opponent then joins the dancefloor as they are about to start.

As soon as the music plays, the boy gets immediately into the groove and demonstrates his excellent and high-energy Bhangra dancing skills, leaving the adult lost in his moves at times.

His impressive dancing draws huge cheering and interest from the other guests.

So much so that he takes over the dance floor with hardly any attention paid to the adult.

The boy’s dancing variations are very fascinating to watch as his dance speed matches the song tempo.

It ends with a huge ovation for the young dancer who won many fans and the dance-off too!

Guys vs Girls


A Desi wedding dance-off performance featuring all ages.

It begins with a young boy against a young girl as they take centre stage.

As Moorni by Panjabi MC plays, the girl performs the Bhangra while the boy showcased his breakdancing to the audience.

His unexpected dance gets huge cheers which are just the beginning of this high-octane dance-off.

A woman in a cream pink outfit then scores the girls side with her very synchronised and polished Bhangra moves.

Midway is what makes this dance-off come to life when the guys bring on their mean dance machine with three participants forming a shape, interlocking with each other and dancing as one.

This definitely gave the guy’s team a leading edge.

Each person brings their own unique Bhangra style which made the dance-off one to remember.

It was a very energetic atmosphere which increased when the iconic Mundian To Bach Ke played.

Everyone joined in the fun when they danced against one another, despite whichever team won the dance-off!

Rabbiya & Faisal’s Mehndi Performance


This professional looking dance-off takes place at the Mehndi for this wedding.

It is well choreographed and is reminiscent of professional dance-off competitions.

It has a competitive edge to it when the men versus women performance is about to begin.

The women begin when the popular song Manma Emotion Jaage from Bollywood film Dilwale plays.

From the start, their performance is timed well as all three of them are in sync with each other.

After they finish their first performance, they are replaced by the men looking to deliver a bigger applause from the audience.

Their performance is one which is quite unexpected as the dance style borrowed elements from traditional South Asian dance.

They dance to Kajra Re from the Bollywood hit Bunty Aur Babli, which is well performed and totally enjoyed by the guests.

The contrasting dance sequences make it one of the most enjoyable dance-off performances which are vibrant and colourful.

Dance-offs are something which can take a lot of time to prepare but they do increase the X-Factor of a wedding giving everyone a chance to join in.

These are just a few of the amazing dance-off performances seen at Desi weddings.

All of the performances show that once the music starts, there is no turning back.

We take our hat off to the brilliant participants showing their moves in Desi wedding dance-off performances.

The trend of Desi wedding dance-offs can only get better as we see more and more appearing online to admire!

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