Gayatri Joshi’s Billionaire Husband Investigated for ‘Road Homicide’

The billionaire husband of Gayatri Joshi is being investigated for ‘road homicide’ after he allegedly caused a causing a horror crash.

Gayatri Joshi's Billionaire Husband Investigated for 'Road Homicide' f

a crash that flipped the RV and sent both supercars off the road.

The billionaire husband of Bollywood actress Gayatri Joshi is under investigation for allegedly causing a horror crash which killed a Swiss couple on the Italian island of Sardinia.

Real estate tycoon Vikas Oberoi was allegedly driving a Lamborghini as part of an Italian supercar tour with his wife sitting in the passenger seat.

The couple were driving behind a large white motorhome on a single-lane road as a red Ferrari approached at speed in an attempt to overtake both Vikas and the RV in front.

Dashcam footage showed how the Lamborghini suddenly came out from behind the motorhome into the path of the oncoming Ferrari.

It caused a crash that flipped the RV and sent both supercars off the road.

The Ferrari, which also flipped upside down, immediately caught fire, leaving Markus and Melissa Krautli unable to escape.

Vikas and Gayatri escaped without injury, with the actress saying:

“Vikas and I are in Italy. We met with an accident here (multiple-car collision)… With God’s grace, we both are absolutely fine.”

But now, prosecutors in Cagliari have launched an investigation into “double road homicide”, meaning Vikas could face up to seven years in prison if charged and convicted.

Vikas Oberoi owns a large luxury hotel resort chain which operates dozens of locations in India and beyond, as well as seven lavish cruise liners.

With an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion, the tycoon is also the head of Oberoi Realty, which builds and sells luxury properties in Mumbai.

It was reported that the Swiss couple burned to death in the aftermath of the horror crash.

Mr Krautli worked at the family logistics firm, which bore his name and had offices in Belgium, Switzerland and Portugal.

The couple in the motorhome – who were from Selva di Val Gardena – were taken to hospital.

Lorenzo M, who was sitting in the RV, said:

“We were lying sideways in our seats. For a moment we were silent in disbelief.

“Then I looked into my wife’s eyes and asked her if she was okay. She nodded.”

Gayatri Joshi's Billionaire Husband Investigated for 'Road Homicide'

The couple crawled out from between the seats and were able to escape the RV.

He added: “When we came out we thought we were in hell.”

Vikas’ blue Lamborghini Huracan was heavily damaged at the side of the road while the RV blocked both lanes.

The remains of the three vehicles have been seized by the authorities as the investigation continues.

The supercars were driving on the 195 Sulcitana state road in the commune of San Giovanni Suergiu in South Sardinia.

Vikas Oberoi and Gayatri Joshi had departed from Forte Village and were heading for Mores.

All occupants of the supercars were taking part in the Sardinia Supercar Experience event, which began in Teulada and was set to finish in Olbia.

Over the course of a few days, participants drive across the island in Ferraris and Lamborghinis, visit viewpoints and stay overnight in expensive hotels.

If tourists travel in their own car, the trip costs £10,409.

A multi-day trip in a rental Ferrari SF90 from the organiser can be booked for £21,515.

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