Fawad Farooq calls out Morning Shows for Rating Techniques

After Fiza Ali appeared on ‘Good Morning Pakistan’, her ex-husband Fawad Farooq called out such shows for their rating techniques.

Fawad Farooq calls out Morning Shows for Rating Techniques f

"they should not ask these things from others"

Fawad Farooq called out Pakistani morning shows, accusing them of twisting stories to gain views and ratings.

He made the claims after his ex-wife Fiza Ali appeared on Good Morning Pakistan.

Speaking to host Nida Yasir, she spoke about the hardships of marriage and the reason for her divorce.

Criticising shows for asking about their divorce, Fawad took to Instagram and told his followers:

“This is to inform everyone that Fiza was invited to a single-parent show but this turned out to be a divorce show and she did not know about it.”

He went on to praise his ex-wife before continuing:

“I want everyone to know that Fiza has been an excellent wife and daughter-in-law, and she has been good to our family and me.

“Due to some personal issues, we can’t share our family’s reasons for our divorce.

“Fiza is a strong character in the media, a hard-working woman, but these media and TV people hosts are always trying to increase their ratings and want to be on top.

“This is why they discuss Fiza and I in their divorce topics.

“This is bad, they should not ask these things from others as it makes the other person feel bad.”

Fawad Farooq claimed that Fiza was a polite individual who was tricked into sharing her personal life for Nida to gain views for her show.

He concluded: “I would like to request all TV show anchors to stop hurting others with your s**t questions.

“It is not a game and Fiza is not interested in talking about her past and divorce, so don’t do this and stop playing with her emotions.”

During the show, Nida and her guest Amber collectively asked Fiza about the lead-up to her marriage and divorce.

Despite Fawad’s reservations about her appearance on the show, Fiza’s episode was appreciated by the audience and Nida was applauded for touching on the topic of divorce so openly.

One fan wrote: “Glad to see that morning shows are finally giving real-life lessons. Keep up the good work, very much impressed!”

Another wrote: “Nida you are coming up with really good topics about mental health. Great work.”

A third said: “Nida, when will you stop enjoying other people’s sadness?

“Did you not fear God when you asked Fiza how she felt when she signed her divorce papers?”

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