Family of Indian Girl aged 14 receives Her Obscene Photos

In a shocking incident in Rajasthan, obscene photographs of a 14-year-old Indian girl were sent to members of her family.

Family of Indian Girl aged 14 receives Her Obscene Photos f

he took photos of the teenager being attacked.

A police case has been registered after the family of a 14-year-old Indian girl received obscene photos of her.

The shocking incident happened in the town of Chirawa, Rajasthan.

It was revealed that the girl was raped and photos were taken of the assault. The pictures were later sent to her family members.

A police case was registered by the victim’s uncle on March 25, 2021, at Chirawa Police Station.

The accused has been identified as the nephew of the victim’s stepmother.

The victim was a student in the 10th grade and lived with her stepmother as her father had passed away.

According to the police report, the accused was visiting the town and was staying at the house on March 15, 2021.

At around 11 pm, he called the 14-year-old Indian girl into the kitchen. Upon her arrival, he grabbed the girl and sexually assaulted her before raping her.

During the shocking incident, he took photos of the teenager being attacked.

Afterwards, he threatened to share the photos online if she told anyone about the incident or did not listen to his demands.

Afraid of what might happen, the girl left two days later to stay with her grandmother.

Despite not telling anyone about the rape, obscene photos of the girl were sent to her uncle and other family members.

The photos came from unknown phone numbers on March 25, 2021.

The victim was clearly seen in the photos. As a result, her uncle called her to ask for an explanation about the pictures.

She revealed that she was raped. The girl told her uncle that the accused had been speaking on the phone to her stepmother.

He then started speaking to her soon after.

The girl explained that the young man raped her after calling her into the kitchen.

After hearing his niece’s horrific ordeal, he reported the case to the police.

A police case was registered against the accused and an investigation is underway to arrest him.

In the police report, it was alleged that the accused’s parents knew about the rape. They allegedly pressured the victim’s family not to report the incident.

In another incident, a 13-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by two other minors in Uttar Pradesh.

The boy’s father had sent him to a local market to purchase farming equipment.

The two minors accompanied the boy on his way to the market. They then took him to an isolated area and sexually assaulted him.

Afterwards, they bribed him not to speak about the incident.

However, upon returning home, the Indian boy’s family learned of the crime and informed the police.

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