Cricket Scotland Board quits over Racism Claims

The board of Cricket Scotland has resigned after a review into racism allegations found it to be institutionally racist.

Cricket Scotland Board quits over Racism Claims f

"Cricket Scotland is dysfunctional and institutionally racist"

The board of Cricket Scotland has resigned following allegations of racism.

The directors sent the resignation letter to the interim chief executive officer on the morning of July 24, 2022.

It comes after it was reported that a review into Scottish cricket found it to be institutionally racist.

The review is expected to be published on July 25 and it has led to multiple referrals to a number of organisations, including Police Scotland, for racist behaviour.

A spokesperson for Cricket Scotland said:

“Cricket Scotland will work in partnership with SportScotland with immediate effect to ensure appropriate governance, leadership and support is in place for the organisation and the sport in the days ahead, and these arrangements will be reviewed after the publication of the report into racism in cricket in Scotland and updates given accordingly.”

In the letter to interim chief executive Gordon Arthur, the board said that “we are all truly sorry” to everyone who has experienced racism in Scotland, and “we believe we must now step aside to enable the required progress to be made in the coming months”.

Six members have stepped down.

A spokesperson for SportScotland said: “This has been an exceptionally challenging time for everyone involved in Scottish cricket.

“We have been made aware of the board’s decision and as the national agency for sport, we will take immediate steps to provide significant additional governance and leadership support to Cricket Scotland.”

Aamer Anwar is representing two of the complaints and he said that his clients welcomed the resignations.

The review took place following allegations made by Scotland’s all-time leading wicket-taker Majid Haq.

In November 2021, Haq and ex-teammate Qasim Sheikh spoke of the abuse they both suffered throughout their careers.

Both men said they were treated differently because of the colour of their skin.

The following month, SportScotland appointed Plan4Sport to conduct a review, which has taken contributions from several hundred people.

It was revealed that investigators will support the claims of institutional racism within Scottish cricket.

One source said: “The fundamental claim at the start of this was about institutional racism at the heart of cricket.

“This review concludes that it’s very much the case.”

Ahead of the review’s publication, Mr Anwar said:

“Cricket Scotland is dysfunctional and institutionally racist – if that is confirmed by this review, it will be devastating for Cricket Scotland.

“There are those within the organisation who should be ashamed of their treatment of Majid and Qasim and so many other cricketers who gave their lives to cricket but saw their careers taken away from them.

“In any other walk of life, the individuals responsible would find themselves out of a job, in a jail cell, or banished from public life.

“Yet, when it comes to cricket, they are rewarded with promotions and status.

“Racism exists in Cricket Scotland and my clients know that has been the case for many years, through generations of cricketers.”

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