‘Chamkila Tribute’ Honours Punjabi Legend

Elegance and Jay Johal have had great success with their recent release, ‘Chamkila Tribute’, which features the vocals of Bakshi Billa and Sudesh Kumari.

Chamkila Tribute Featured mage

"Great tribute to Amar and Amarjot! Brilliant choice of vocalists too."

Elegance and Jay Johal have debuted at Number 3 in the Official Asian Charts with their hit track ‘Chamkila Tribute’.

The hit comes in to the charts behind Manni Sandhu’s ‘Gani’ and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Jag Ghoomeya’.

But ‘Chamkila Tribute’ is sure to reach the number one spot when the next official chart is released.

The track features the fitting vocal talents of Bakshi Billa and Sudesh Kumari, whose voices perfectly suit traditional folk music.

‘Chamkila Tribute’ is presented by VIP Records and Elegance, while Jay Johal produces the music for the song.

And everybody involved has received immense praise for the production.

Avneet says: “Bakshi Billa and Sudesh Kumari never disappoint! Big up Jay Johal for the production!”

The song is dedicated to the late Dhanni Ram, more commonly known by his stage name, Amar Singh Chamkila.

He and his wife, Amarjot, were both tragically killed in 1988 by widespread unrest in the Punjab during that period.

Radio presenter, Suzi Mann, tweets: “Bravo Jay! Great tribute to Amar & Amarjot! Brilliant choice of vocalists too. #ChamkilaTribute.”

The popular singer-songwriter is considered to be one of the best stage performers Punjab has ever produced.

His songs, including ‘Pehle Lalkare Naal’ and ‘Baba Tera Nankana’, are of legendary status.

DJ Kay says: “All original Chamkila tracks are legendary, and many of the remakes are nowhere near as good.

“However, Jay Johal’s ‘Chamkila Tribute’ features two incredible singers who do the track justice.”

Chamkila’s music is heavily influenced by Punjabi village life. He commonly wrote songs about controversial issues such as drinking, drug use and extramarital relationships.

The production team behind ‘Chamkila Tribute’ have done well to reflect that.

The official music video to the hit track is recorded in Punjab. Watch the emotional video below:


Congratulations to Johal, Billa and Kumari on creating a fitting honour to the legend that is Chamkila.

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Images Courtesy of the Official Facebook Pages of VIP Records and Chamkila