Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown

With the second UK lockdown preventing citizens from dining out, here are some excellent Indian takeaways to order from instead.

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown f

“Thali adopted the Indian mantra of ‘jugaad’."

Indian takeaways among others have seen an increase in popularity since the UK entered lockdown for the second time.

Until December 2, 2020, at the earliest, ordering a takeaway will be the new dining out.

The number of takeaways being ordered has risen since March 2020, and Indian takeaways are the UK’s favourite choice.

There were nearly 50 million meals ordered through Deliveroo during the last quarantine and Google Keyword Planner noted that searches for ‘takeaway’ and other similar words rose by 300% from March until May.

According to Flipdish, orders for Indian takeaways had increased by 294% in April, and Indian was the most popular takeaway compared to any other type.

For the takeaway surge, we have compiled a list of the top Indian restaurants you can order a takeaway from, whether they are well-known favourites or something different in your area.

Thali Easton – Bristol

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - thali

Thali Easton’s humble beginnings started as a food truck at Glastonbury Festival, it has now grown into an Indian takeaway with an eco-friendly focus.

Renowned for their sustainability, they have won the Three Star Sustainability Champion Rating.

Their website boasts: “Thali adopted the Indian mantra of ‘jugaad’ (do more with less).”

The takeaway practises avoiding waste similar to rural India. For eco-conscious diners, this may be the Indian takeaway for you.

Thali Easton has succeeded in creating a sustainable ‘Bike Tiffin Revolution’ scheme, which was designed by owner Pepe Blanco. Tiffins are available on the website as well, at £13 for a two-person tiffin meal.

The takeaway menu itself boasts tasty thali dishes. There is a selection of snacks for smaller treats and daily staple meals, such as basmati rice and paratha.

The everyday Dhaba subsection ranges from traditional chana masala for a classic dinner to the more unknown Goan fish, which may tempt diners out of their comfort zone.

The Thali Easton offers takeaway and no-contact delivery options.

Ruby Indian Restaurant – Hertford

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - ruby

Ruby Indian Restaurant knows exactly what they are doing with Abdur Rahman at the helm.

Ruby’s owner worked his way up to becoming the Regional Restaurant of the Year winner for East Anglia and owner of one of the best Indian takeaways in Hertford.

Hertford locals know him as a staple of the community, and the food itself speaks volumes. The Ruby has a large menu that spoils food lovers for choice with various specialities, including popular Balti and Tandoori dishes.

There are plenty of vegetarian options as well, with mains choices of vegetable curry and vegetable korma.

For fish and lamb chop lovers, there are dedicated subsections of the menu with plenty of dishes.

A bigger incentive to dine with the Ruby is their discount designed for lockdown. From Sundays to Thursdays, there’s a 20% off collections and 10% off deliveries offer for online orders.

There’s also takeaway and no-contact delivery options.

The Rajdoot Hampstead – London

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - rajdoot

The tempting tagline of The Rajdoot’s website is “Rajdoot draws inspiration from all 22 regions and our food varies according to local influences”.

A family-run business, this Indian takeaway has been serving traditional and contemporary meals for more than half a century.

It has also earned the 2020 TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award, one of several accolades.

The Rajdoot includes dishes from across India, so there’s something for everyone and something new for curious foodies.

As well as the traditional favourites seen in most Indian takeaways, there are clay oven grilled meals for a healthier option, with a range of seafood and meat meals.

For the more daring, there are eye-catching chef’s specials, most notable is the Mr Naga dish, which may be too hot to handle for those with milder palates but a challenge for hot spice lovers.

In light of lockdown, there is a 20% off discount on collection for NHS workers looking for a treat at one of the capital’s finest Indian takeaways.

There are also curbside pickup and no-contact delivery options.

Asha’s Restaurant and Cocktail Bar – Solihull

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - ashas

Asha’s is an international success, with restaurants in Manchester and Birmingham as well as Asia.

It’s easy to see why this restaurant is so popular, with a diverse menu and “an inspired fusion of the traditional and the contemporary”.

But it’s not only the delicious food and countless awards that put Asha’s into the limelight. It was founded by Bollywood legend Asha Bhosle in 2002.

The high-priced signature menu may be intimidating, but there are plenty of affordable meals on the variety of menus Asha’s has to offer. As well as mains, there are kebab and biryani choices that suit any food mood.

To tail-end each takeaway provides plenty of options for appetisers and accompaniments that will turn each meal into a banquet.

Asha’s Restaurant is Covid-aware as well, including click-and-collect services on their app and contact-free menus.

Dastaan – Epsom

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - dastaan

Dastaan was created by celebrated chefs Sanjay Gour and Nand Kishor, who previously worked at Michelin-star restaurant Gymkhana.

After establishing Dastaan in 2016, this Indian restaurant has been making top-quality dishes since.

At the forefront of the menu is a broad selection of curries, including tasty kumbh palak and wild mustard potatoes in a choice of large and small.

To complement each meal are variations of rice, bread and biryani.

Dastaan’s menu also lists a choice of kebabs for something a bit different to typical Indian takeaway food, as well as a fun selection of starters.

The cheapest starter on the menu is the £2 pickle tray, and the chicken lollypops are an inventive delicacy.

Placing authenticity and vibrancy first, Dastaan’s is an Indian takeaway with flair.

There are both delivery and takeaway options included.

Bundobust – Manchester

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - bundobust

Bundobust is perfect for those wanting something a little different, yet still tastes great.

With restaurants also available in Leeds and Liverpool, it specialises in “canteen-style Indian street food”, and has Gujarati influences.

This Indian restaurant was founded in 2014 by Mayur Patel and Marko Husak. Bundobust is a beer bar, but patrons love its food.

There are many street food options, perfect for snacking, but they can also be used for larger meals.

Typical Indian ingredients are twisted into mouthwatering bhaji butties and egg bhurji, and there’s something for everyone.

Even more tempting are the bundles and combos, as well as a large list of beers for the perfect night in, all of which can be ordered with click-and-collect.

Ashoka Indian Restaurant – Sheffield

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - ashoka

Ashoka Indian Restaurant first made its mark in 1967 when it was opened by Kamel Ahmed, despite having little experience.

But it is still booming in 2020 and is part of the Indian takeaway culture that kicked off in the last century.

Ashoka’s menu consists of something for all Indian takeaway lovers, including mild and spicy food.

Dishes like Mr Singh’s saag karai and Parsi Persian lentil are an echo of traditional meals at their finest.

More traditional yet is the use of charcoal grilling, keeping this Indian takeaway’s roots firmly in its origins.

Even better, the prices are reasonable, whether it’s the list of curries or the vegetable or bread sides.

Ashoka’s offers both takeaway and delivery options.

Mowgli’s Crwys Road Indian Restaurant – Cardiff

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - mowgli

Healthy eating is important to Mowgli’s, as is its re-invention of traditional Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Mowgli’s ensures food is low-fat and cooked naturally, which makes this Indian takeaway a treat for anyone watching their waistlines.

Their menu is bursting with house specialities, chef’s picks and plenty of vegetarian options, including Mowgli’s Connoisseur Selection for two and Bangladeshi favourite beef bhuna.

Mowgli’s is also an Indian takeaway that likes to stray from the format of simple classics and have plenty of meals invented by them (such as the delicious Manipuri Garlic Chilli Chicken).

As claimed by the website itself, the most popular dish is Shagor Jhinga and the most unusual is Fish Kalia, giving you the choice to play it safe or broaden dining horizons.

Mowgli’s also offers curbside pickup and no-contact delivery options.

Bay Leaf Indian Restaurant – Livingston

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - bay

Regional winner for both the Scottish Asian Food Awards and Scottish Curry Awards (where it claimed the title of Best Loved Restaurant), Bay Leaf is a firm favourite Indian takeaway.

Bay Leaf has plenty of choice in its takeaway menu, from Tandoori dishes to seafood, as well as extensive classics (korma curry), vegetarian options (aloo gobi) and accompaniments (from basmati rice to garlic naan).

To kickstart meals are both basic and Tandoori starter options, and to complete the meal could be gulab jamun as a tasty dessert.

Make the most of this delectable Indian takeaway by picking a drink from the menu to top it off.

Bay Leaf offers a no-contact delivery.

Jaipur Exclusive Indian Restaurant – Newcastle upon Tyne

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - jaipur

‘South style’ cuisine is what this Indian takeaway specialises in, and after more than 20 years in the business, Jaipur knows how to get it right.

Ran by Firuz Khan, this family-run business has a history of Indian takeaway and dining, having previously owned several restaurants before Jaipur.

With extensive knowledge of the industry, Jaipur still amazes customers with dishes and service.

The menu is packed with favourites like vindaloo and jalfrezi found on classic Indian takeaway menus, plentiful sundries and a delightful vegetarian menu of palak paneer and hot chilli vegetables.

Offered for all week long, is the five-course banquet meal for a great price of £12.50, including the vegetable sides picked specially by the chef.

For big nights in, Jaipur’s Indian takeaway supplies fine-dining at home.

Jaipur’s offers no-contact delivery.

Tikka Restaurant and Takeaway – Brighton

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - tikka

Winner for the Regional Chef of the Year for the South East in the prestigious ‘Oscars’ for Indian takeaways, the ARTA awards, Tikka is an Indian takeaway to take note of in Hove.

Not only do Tikka offer classic Indian takeaway, with biryani, Balti and curry just some of the wide choice in Tikka’s menu, there are also house specials and chef’s recommendations, which are invented by Tikka (such as lamb maharajah).

There are also English dishes to choose from for if you’re looking for something different, such as simple staple chicken and chips.

Tikka offers no-contact delivery.

Bengal Brasserie – Bath

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - bengal

Bengal Brasserie is an Indian takeaway that has establishments across the UK following first opening the business in 1987.

Over 30 years later, it is still regarded as a top-quality takeaway.

Featuring several degrees of spice in its menu, there are options for those with a milder palate as well as heat-seekers, with plenty of curry speciality meals to suit everyone’s tastebuds.

As well as tandoori and vegetarian specials, Bengal Brasserie also has a special Balti menu, as well as a Balti mix.

The house specials of this Indian takeaway include jhinga machli for fish lovers and Bengal meat thali for meat enthusiasts.

For takeaways, there is a 10% off discount to take advantage of as well.

Nu Delhi Restaurant Lounge – Belfast

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - nu delhi

Nu Delhi is an Indian takeaway and restaurant with a distinct slick flair, and it has elevated to winning Best Indian Restaurant in Northern Ireland.

What the real draw with Nu Delhi is the showcase of a menu that includes starters, sides and mains but also a variety of alternative dinners not often seen on the everyday Indian takeaway menu.

The nature’s delights menu offers both mains and sides choices, with North Indian speciality matar paneer and aloo gobi two examples of the wonderful choices.

The submenu of fusion grill foods is just as packed, ranging from chicken tikka mashoor to mixed fusion tandoori grill giving something not quite expected of an Indian takeaway menu.

Other meals include the head’s choice chicken chilli garlic, one of the spicier dishes, as well as plenty of rice and bread for each taste.

Nu Delhi Lounge offers no-contact delivery.

Lucky Tandoori – Norwich

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - tandoori

Lucky Tandoori has been an established Indian takeaway for 30 years, and one of its star achievements is supplying lamb biryani to UN peacekeeping troops in Darfur, Sudan in 2012.

Old classics include tropical chicken Malaya, whilst tandoori, Balti and biryani options have a mixture of both traditional and contemporary tastes.

On Thursdays, there are meal deals up for grabs at the reasonable price of £8.50, as well as plenty of filling set meals to make your Indian takeaway purchase worthwhile.

The discounts from this Indian takeaway include 15% on collection orders that are £20 or more and £3 off delivery orders that are £25 or more.

You can also purchase a gift card on the website for someone who deserves a treat during the lockdown.

Khaja Indian Cuisine – Liverpool

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - khaja

Khaja Indian is known for its excellent, hand-picked staff and a chef with 15 years of experience.

Claimed to be the finest Indian takeaway in Liverpool, it is guaranteed that every meal is in capable hands.

At this Indian takeaway, there’s something for everyone. For garlic lovers, there is garlic Balti, new to the chef’s special menu.

There are also medium-hot seafood specialities, like spicy exotic fish, and clay-cooked tandoori dishes such as the tandoori cocktail.

Even more enticing are the set meal deals, which are suited for groups of two or four, ideal for a family meal.

Khaja Indian includes no-contact delivery.

Simply Indian – Leicester

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - simply

This Indian takeaway is anything but simple. Prepared by a chef with 30 years of experience, Simply Indian’s menu is packed to burst with meal deals, dinners suited for vegetarian and vegan foodies and ice cream.

The range of starters is wide, with chicken and lamb being only a few of them.

Clay-oven baked tandoori sizzlers many options, such as chicken shashlik and mixed kebab. There are also variations of rice and curry sauces to choose from.

Rather than keeping it classic, this Indian takeaway takes it to the next level. There are wraps with an Indian twist, as well as chips that could be ordered plain, spicy or anything in between.

Also notable is the kid’s menu with gentler options of chicken dishes and fish fingers, ideal for children who prefer to eat what they know.

For a classically Indian takeaway with a Brit twist, Simply Indian is ideal.

Bharat Restaurant – Bradford

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - bharat

Bharat Restaurant, established in 1987, has a focus on North Indian dishes but is also known as having one of the hottest jalfrezi dishes in Bradford.

Region-specific dishes are Bengal’s bhuna, Chennai’s madras and Goa’s vindaloo, with several variations from each.

There are tandoori meals served with a salad for a healthier kick, but also sundries that include rice, nan and chips.

Notable to Bharat’s menu is the Kurchi lamb, ideal for four, which is marinated for a day and then roasted and served with accompaniments and wine.

To prepare for this, diners must order it 24 hours ahead of time.

Additionally, there is the children’s menu with nuggets, scampi or korma.

Gurkha Lounge – Peterborough

Best Indian Takeaways to Order From for Lockdown - gurkha

Gurkha Lounge is an Indian takeaway with a twist, it also offers Nepalese food.

Based on Himalayan cuisine, Gurkha Lounge is recommended on both TripAdvisor and Restaurant Guru and has an incredible blend of Asian tastes.

There are many Gurkha-themed meals for both starters and mains, including yeti chicken, Gurkha supreme and Nepalese momo dumplings served with homemade sauce.

Clay oven tandoori specials, served with salad, range from hot chicken Piri-Piri to salmon tikka, as well as a kid’s menu of children’s favourites. Indian takeaway classics can also be found on the menu.

The takeaway menu also has offers like 20% off Sunday lunches and Thursday evenings for collections, free delivery for orders in a three-mile radius up to £20, and more.

Gurkha Lounge offers no-contact delivery.

With so many Indian takeaway options to choose from, there are plenty of old favourites with new deals to make the most of or newly discovered restaurants and food to try.

Though lockdown may be keeping us indoors, business is open as usual for many Indian takeaways and restaurants, so now is the time to take advantage of offers and support local businesses.

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