Asian Man jailed after confessing to Gun and Drugs

Mustafa Mohammed confessed to hiding a gun and drugs at his home to police. They found a stolen rifle along with heroin and crack cocaine, valued at £9,000.

Asian Man jailed after confessing to Gun and Drugs

"There’s a gun my wardrobe and there are drugs under my bed"

A British-Asian man is jailed after confessing to hiding a gun and drugs in his home to police. Police found a gun and drugs in Mustafa Mohammed’s Bradford home during a police raid.

They found a stolen rifle, along with ammunition, and £9,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine. Police also discovered numerous mobile phones.

As a result, Mustafa Mohammed received 32 months in jail after pleading guilty to all charges.

Police raided the 22-year-old man’s home after obtaining a search warrant under the Firearms Act. They began their raid by knocking on the door on 21st January 2016. Upon opening the door, Mohammed confessed to the gun and drugs. He reportedly said:

“There’s a gun my wardrobe and there are drugs under my bed.”

Police recovered a stolen American bolt rifle. It is suspected that the stolen rifle originally came from a Doncaster golf club where burglars allegedly stole it three months prior.

After close inspection, the gun contained fingerprints belonging to Mohammed. However, there was no reasonable proof that he intended to use the weapon.

Police recovered heroin and crack cocaine from a shoebox. Altogether, police found over 50 packets of crack cocaine and six packets of heroin, valued at £9,000.

When asked about the gun and drugs, Mohammed explained that drug dealers turned up to his house earlier that same day. They forced him to store the gun and drugs in his home as they placed a handgun to his head.

Police also found mobile phones during the raid. One contained a text message, suggesting Mohammed was dealing cannabis. The 22-year-old confessed, saying that he sold cannabis to friends so he could pay for his own habit.

During the trial, Mohammed’s defence client explained how he was a vulnerable man. He had suffered bullying at school and claimed to have mental health problems. This was his first conviction.

The judge for the trial, Judge Rose, acknowledge this, saying: “Without a shadow of doubt, you come from a highly respectable, respectful and law-abiding family.”

In regards to the gun and drugs, Judge Rose suggested that this conviction would disappoint Mohammed’s family: “You were providing a safe haven and those who do such a thing must be deterred.”

Having pleaded guilty to the charges, Mustafa Mohammed will face 32 months in jail.

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Image courtesy of Telegraph & Argus

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