Amir prepares for a Grudge Match on ‘Meet the Khans’

The first episode of ‘Meet the Khans’ sees Amir prepare for a grudge match while Faryal models an array of exclusive bridal dresses.

Amir prepares for a Grudge Match on 'Meet the Khans' f

"The kids are so scared of me."

The second series of Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s reality show Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton has officially begun.

The first episode aired on BBC Three on April 28, 2022, and it begins with some family time at their Dubai home.

Their eldest child Lamaisah is with Amir, practising her boxing.

Meanwhile, Alayna enjoys some colouring with her mother.

Speaking to the camera, Amir and Faryal highlighted their children’s contrasting personalities.

Faryal says: “Zaviyar and Lamaisah are more athletic. Alayna’s more of a really girlie girl.”

Faryal then goes into her shoe cupboard to find a pair of flip flops to match her outfit.

At this point, Amir suffers a blunder as he doesn’t realise that he is wearing his wife’s tracksuit bottoms.

As they continue packing for their beach trip, Amir and Faryal wonder who spoils their children more.

Amir initially feels that Faryal spoils them more, but backtracks and points out that she is far stricter than he is.

He tells her: “You’re very strict.”

Faryal agrees and says: “The kids are so scared of me.”

The family then enjoy some time at the beach.

Meet the Khans then highlights the couple’s careers as Amir reveals that talks are underway to fight longtime British rival Kell Brook.

Amir states that a fight contract has not been signed, leaving it up to Faryal to finalise the deal.

Viewers get to see Faryal’s friend Khadija make a return to the show via FaceTime as Faryal wants to show her the finishing touches to her Dubai home.

Meanwhile, as talks to fight Kell Brook stall, Amir and Faryal express their frustration as they have been advised to fly to London and speak to the relevant people so that the ongoing issues are resolved.

Kitchen Problems & Training in London

Meet the Khans

Back in London, Faryal experiences problems in the kitchen as she struggles to know how to prepare a kiwi.

Faryal realises that she has to remove the skin before cutting the kiwi, before cutting it in half and serving it to Amir, who scoops out the kiwi flesh with a spoon.

She later does not know how to open the oven, looking for ways to open it and repeatedly saying:

“What the hell?”

Faryal eventually opens the oven door. Amir then takes the opportunity to tease her:

“It would help if you turn it off first cos I know you don’t do much cooking, so turn it off first and then open the door.”

As the couple talks about boxing, Amir admits that his hunger to fight has died down but states that a fight with Kell Brook means a lot because it is a grudge match.

Amir soon goes off to Mayfair to put on a sweat in a boxing gym.

Meanwhile, Faryal enjoys a catch-up with Khadija, talking gossip and business.

Return to Bolton

Amir prepares for a Grudge Match on 'Meet the Khans' 2

Meet the Khans returns to Bolton and while Amir enjoys a shopping trip with some friends, he gets a call, confirming that a fight deal has been agreed.

Reacting to it, Amir says that it is a “huge pressure off his shoulders”.

Faryal drives to a hotel to take part in a bridal photoshoot and admits that “she wishes she could change everything about her wedding”.

She went on to hint that she may want to renew her wedding vows on her 10th anniversary.

Faryal soon transforms into a bride, complete with a white gown.

Following the confirmation of his fight, Amir and Faryal go to get his fight kit designed.

The pair look through a variety of designs before settling on gold.

A preview of episode two shows Amir and Kell going back and forth in a heated press conference as Faryal looks on.

Meet the Khans continues on May 5, 2022, on BBC Three. All episodes are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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