Amir Khan claims he was Hero on Flight

Amir Khan reflected on his recent history of flights, claiming that he was hailed as a hero on a United Airlines flight.

Amir Khan claims he was Hero on Flight f

“Ban from one flight and awarded on the other.”

Amir Khan has said that he was hailed as a hero on a flight just a few weeks after he was kicked off another.

It has been a roller-coaster month for the boxer after he was escorted from an American Airlines flight.

But the former world champion said he was seen as a hero on a United Airlines flight.

Amir took to Twitter and explained that he had helped an elderly man who could not speak English and who needed to seek medical help.

He tweeted: “What a month it’s been. Escorted off and mistreated on @AmericanAir flight but seen as a hero on @UnitedAirlines when helping an old Pakistani passenger who couldn’t speak English and had to be grounded immediately, due to health reasons.

“Ban from one flight and awarded on the other.”

The tweet comes just a few weeks after Amir claimed he was kicked off a flight after a colleague he was with was not wearing a facemask properly.

They were allegedly met by police at the gate, however, American Airlines dismissed the claims.

In a video, Amir said: “A complaint was made by American Airlines staff, they said my colleague’s mask was not high enough and not up, that they had to stop the place and take me and my friend off when I did nothing wrong.

“They kicked us both off. I was sat at 1A and he was sat in 1B.”

“I find it disgusting and disrespectful, I was supposed to go to Colorado Springs for a training camp and now I’m back in New York for another day and I have to reschedule another plane to travel back to training camp.

“It’s really upsetting; there was no reason and I’m so disgusted that American Airlines would do this and ban me from travelling.

“There must be cameras that they can see to see if I or my colleague were bad in any way or caused a scene in any way.”

American Airlines issued a statement, saying police were not involved. But Amir stuck to his claim.

Amir Khan has since claimed that the removal may have been “racially motivated”.

When asked if he felt that, Amir Khan responded:

“Definitely definitely. I’m going to stand by that.

“It was 9/11 a week before that, then having two Asian boys sat at the front… I hope I’m wrong.

“But I had done nothing wrong. I got kicked off a plane for no reason and it was embarrassing for us.”

Amir added: “I’m not saying that but I think it might have something to do with that.”

His allegations have been backed by Sadiq Khan, who also said he had similar experiences when travelling to America.

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