Alankrita Sahai quits Film over Harassment by Producer

Alankrita Sahai has reportedly walked away from a Punjabi film after one of the producers allegedly harassed her and made lewd comments.

Alankrita Sahai quits Film over Harassment by Producer f

"I’ve never had such an experience before."

Alankrita Sahai has reportedly quit a Punjabi film after she claimed one of the producers made crude comments and harassed her.

The actress has walked away from Fuffad Ji, which would have marked her Punjabi film debut.

She said she really wanted to be a part of the film, in which she was cast as the lead role, but she reportedly endured an unpleasant experience.

Alankrita revealed: “The rest of the team was good, but one of the producers was unprofessional, unethical and immoral, and I just couldn’t do my first film in Punjab.

“I’ve worked with so many producers and people till date, and they’ve all been amazing.

“I’ve never had such an experience before.”

Alankrita said that professional differences started.

It then reached a point that she and the producer could not get along because he had crossed the line.

She told Hindustan Times:

“Nobody should cross the boundary even verbally.

“If you make snarky, inappropriate and lewd comments about me, why would I tolerate it?

“Being a woman, my self-respect is everything to me, and I’ll protect it no matter what.

“That man is crude and morally callous.”

Alankrita Sahai went on to say:

“Nobody can misuse the money and power they have and cross boundaries with me.

“He made my life miserable, it was harassment and I had to put my foot down.”

She said that she did not file a police complaint because the harassment did not turn physical. Alankrita elaborated:

“There were weird messages and inappropriate behaviour on texts and phone calls.

“I didn’t want it to reach a case of #MeToo. This is not that case. It was a case of misconduct.”

She hopes that her decision to quit the film will be a lesson to the producer to mend his ways.

Alankrita Sahai had been cast as the lead in Fuffad Ji just a week before she reportedly quit.

She previously said that she had a great time reading the script.

“I was given a narration of the script and I literally rolled on the floors laughing.

“It’s one of the films which has to be watched with the family for a great time together.”

On Covid-19 restrictions easing in India, Alankrita said that while things are improving, it is important to take precautions.

“The pandemic is not over yet. We are moving towards normalcy and it’s important for us to get vaccinated whenever the opportunity arises.

“Let’s stay safe and I pray for everyone’s safety and happiness.”

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