Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers are Bollywood Stars Rocking?

The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most iconic sneakers in history. We take a look at the Bollywood stars who were styled in AJ1s, including the price values.

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - F

"This collaborative project sees the Air Jordan 1 reimagined like never before"

Air Jordan 1 (AJ1) is one of the most iconic silhouettes in sneaker history. Dating back to 1984, this was the first signature shoe for legendary basketball player Michael Jordan with Nike.

Every Air Jordan 1 model features the recognisable Nike swoosh, Nike Air logo on the tongue and the Jordan wings logo. The wings logo details a centric basketball with wings coming out of each side.

As time progressed, the AJ1 shapes to be more of a lifestyle sneaker within the streetwear culture. Many people wear, collect, trade and resell Air Jordan 1s and other sneakers.

More so, this sneaker can be rocked casually and in some cases, formally too. This is mainly due to its versatile use of colours and the great materials that it uses.

Versatility goes as far as the footwear is suitable for all genders, with specific exclusive models also made for each gender. Additionally, the Air Jordan 1 comes in a low-top, mid-top and high-top form with the highs being the most popular.

Several colourways and different experimentation of materials have featured on these kicks. Also, cool collaborations with music artists such as Travis Scott, designer brands such as Off-White, Dior and many more have joined forces to have their take on the iconic shoe.

From Ranbir Kapoor to Sonam Kapoor to Anil Kapoor, we take a look at the Air Jordan 1 sneakers that your favourite Bollywood celebrities are rocking, including the key pricing valuations.

Air Jordan 1 Low OG ‘Chicago’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 1

Kicking things off we have a Low AJ1 in the iconic Chicago colourway, released on Valentine’s Day, 2016.

Shades on, Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja puts together a monochrome smart-casual look, with her colourful shoes, doing all the talking.

Although high-top 1s are the most popular out of the three forms, you really cannot go wrong with the Chicago colourway.

The combination of white, black and red works so well. Furthermore, the low model pairs well for a quick and casual task whilst making you look fly.

It’s red upper features a very nice leather with the white midsole and red outsole holding the item well together. As this is a low Jordan 1, it has the Nike Air branding on the tongue with the heel having the Wings logo.

This silhouette was a limited release for the public, retailing at £100 (Rs. 9.6k).

Whereas the deadstock (a sneaker that has never been worn) price range of the Low Chicagos on StockX range from £486 – £701 (Rs. 49.60k – Rs. 67.65k).

In particular, the 52-week high sale for these kicks values at £712 (Rs. 68.97k).

Air Jordan 1 Rebel XX ‘Top 3’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 2

Coming into stores on May 1, 2018, we have the bold statement piece, Rebel XX ‘Top 3’.

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday dons these bold trainers along with a black top, jacket and denim shorts.

You might be wondering why are these called ‘Top 3’. Well, it is because this shoe incorporates the top three Air Jordan 1 colourways of the ‘Bred’, ‘Royal’ and ‘Black Toe’.

Present in a premium leather material, the mismatched construction works great for the women’s specific rendition of the AJ1. Additionally, this adds to the uniqueness factor that the original Air Jordan 1s bought to the table.

In detail, these bad boys come with an anatomical lacing system, intertwining from the exterior panel onto the centre angle.

Unlike standard AJ1 highs, these have a large Nike Air logo on the sides, with the Wings logo on the heel.

Initially, when the Rebel XX ‘Top 3’ was available, it was going for £105 (Rs. 10.14k). If you have fresh, unworn trainers of the Rebel XX, they will resell from £221 – £274 (Rs. 21.34k – Rs. 26.45k).

Also, the 12-month high sale price for these trainers was £339 (Rs. 32.74k).

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Black Satin Gym Red’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 3

Releasing on January 18, 2020, we have a black and red AJ1 in a satin material.

Bollywood actor Aditya Roy Kapur was clicked wearing these creps casually with a black top and light wash jeans.

Specifically, these kicks did not miss out on the fine details. For instance, the satin overlays give a chrome out vibe with the hints of red adding to this effect.

This sneaker stays true to the original old school Air Jordan 1 assembly.

The support of the shimmering satin uppers binds the laces, as the ventilated toe box keeps the wearer feeling comfortable.

Also, this certain shade of black creates this mysterious aura. More importantly, the durable rubber traction is in place to remind you of how it changed the basketball scene in 1985.

This simple yet luxurious-looking trainer retailed at £135 (Rs. 13.02k). Unfortunately, since its release, the value of these Black Satin Gym Reds have dropped drastically.

If deadstock, these Jordan’s vary from £77 – £107 (Rs. 7.43k – Rs. 10.32k) on StockX. Nevertheless, the highest these have sold for is £275 (Rs. 26.52k) in a 52-week period.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Chicago’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 4

Hitting the shelves once again, on May 30, 2015, Jordan Brand gave the public the OG Chicago colourway.

B-Town actor Varun Dhawan was spotted rocking these cool kicks with white jeans, a plain black top and a black camo jacket.

These sneakers carry a lot of history. For instance, these represent the colours of basketball side Chicago Bulls, the team that Michael Jordan played for.

What makes these so iconic is the fact that this was designed to avoid fines from the NBA.

Previously, the original black and red Air Jordan 1, the ‘Banned/Bred’ 1s, were racking in a hefty $5,000 (£4,087.30) fine per game for MJ due to the ‘uniformity of uniform rule’ of the NBA.

On this impressive silhouette’s 30th anniversary, it retroed in 2015.

It is true to the original, all put together in the perfect colour blocking.

Upon release, these joints retailed for their standard price of £130 (Rs. 12.43k). According to StockX, the deadstock price range of these Chicago 1s ranges from £1,112 – £1,420 (Rs. 1.07 Lakhs – Rs. 1.37 Lakhs).

It’s 12-month high sale price amounts to a huge £1,740 (Rs. 1.67 Lakhs).

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Golden Harvest’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 5

Releasing as part of the Holiday Collection by Jordan Brand on November 25, 2017, we have the AJ1 Golden Harvest.

Once again, actress Ananya Panday puts on Jordan 1s, but this time the Golden Harvest with a black printed shirt and mini black shorts.

These are the ultimate Air Jordan 1s to showcase during the wonderful winter. This wheat colourway is finished off in an absolutely brilliant ultra-soft suede material.

Although the material is not the same as your conventional AJ1, the finer details are true and present. The contrasting shades of beige of the upper, tongue and laces blends well for the outdoors look.

In addition, the gum rubber outsole finalises the entire silhouette flawlessly for this monochrome textural design.

Available in stores worldwide, the Golden Harvest initial price was £130 (Rs. 12.43k). Approximately, the deadstock trade range of these sneakers go for £167 – £228 (Rs. 16.06k – Rs. 21.93k).

The highest that these kicks have traded for in a 52-week period on StockX was for £237 (Rs. 22.81k).

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘RE2PECT’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 6

Here, we have a bold black and white Jordan 1s which came out on November 18, 2017.

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan was pictured in the RE2PECTs with an all-black outfit of leather jacket, t-shirt and trousers.

In particular, this sneaker takes inspiration and collaborates with former professional baseball shortstop Derek Jeter and his ‘RE2PECT’ campaign.

Despite these looking like an ordinary black and white AJ1, pay attention to the details. You will see very encouraging words scattered all over.

Throughout the black panelling, words like ‘Discipline’, ‘Passion’, ‘Focus’, ‘Fearless’ and ‘Lead’ appear when the light hits.

These will most likely cause people to look, if not stare, at your kicks if you are wearing these.

When made available to the general public, these unique pair of trainers cost £130 (Rs. 12.43k). The deadstock price range of this silhouette go for £292 – £421 (Rs. 28.06k – Rs. 40.45k).

During a 12-month period, the RE2PECTs were bought by a customer on StockX for a high of £534 (Rs. 51.29k).

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Shadow’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 7

Re-releasing on April 15, 2018, Shadow 1s are regarded as one of the top Air Jordan 1 original colourways of all time.

Veteran Bollywood actor-producer Anil Kapoor was chilling in this timeless pair, colour coordinated delightfully with a grey jacket, white t-shirt and black jeans.

Literally, anyone and everyone can pull these off with whatever they are dressed in. The love and hype truly are real with this special silhouette for many reasons.

Materials such as the tumbled leather of this sneaker are very nice and buttery, adding that extra appeal to the classic shadow. When styling these joints with clothing, you really cannot go wrong due to its amazing colourway.

The use of black and grey plus the marvellous colour blocking overall gives you one of the perfect Air Jordan 1s. Upon retroing, this Hall of Fame sneaker came out at £130 (Rs. 12.43k).

For those who missed out on these sweets Shadows, resellers want your money. You would have to pay from £351 – £428 (Rs. 33.68k – Rs. 41.07k ) on StockX for a deadstock pair.

A consumer ended up paying a high of £544 (Rs. 54.14k) within a 52-week duration and could you blame them!

Fragment Design x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 8Entering the markets on December 27, 2014, we have the ‘Fragment’ 1s, the first collaboration between Japanese musician, producer and designer Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Design and Jordan Brand.

Spotted out and about, Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor sports these very limited sneakers, keeping it simple with a black jumper and blue jeans.

The Fragment 1s are one of the most wanted Air Jordan 1 colourways within the sneaker community. The creation and combination of colours are on point.

For example, the use of royal blue accents and OG ‘Black-Toe’ colour blocking compliments this silhouette exquisitely.

Notably, sneakerheads go crazy for these due to the tonal Fragment Design logo located on the heel.

Upon release, these came out in very limited quantities for £145 (Rs. 13.85k). Consequently, the hype surrounding this shoe puts its valuation from a colossal £2,002 – £2,787 (Rs. 1.91 Lakhs – Rs. 2.66 Lakhs).

Meanwhile, a customer got their hands on this exclusive sneaker, paying an immense £3,717 (Rs. 3.55 Lakhs) through StockX.

Off-White x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Chicago’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 9

Available for sale on November 20, 2017, we have the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’, the most anticipated and most popular sneaker of 2017.

Bollywood actor-producer Abhishek Bachchan and actor Ranbir Kapoor were styled in these. Both keeping things casual, Abhishek wore a black sweatshirt with jeans whilst Ranbir wore a black t-shirt and ripped jeans.

Specifically, these sneakers are the creation of American designer Virgil Abloh, founder of streetwear brand Off-White. More so, the Chicago Off-White 1 is part of ‘The Ten’ collaboration between Off-White and Nike.

Hypebeasts all over the world admire these gems. Virgil takes a classic Air Jordan 1 and puts his spin on things with his creative vision!

Hence the half-finished aesthetic look, crafted leather pieces fitting together with rugged patchwork. Details such as the Swoosh being connected to the silhouette with visible blue and orange stitching adds to this effect.

Also, the use of quotations like ‘AIR’, ‘SHOELACES’, ’85’ etc. is unconventional yet bold and very fly.

Additionally, between the laces, you have the signature Off-White red zip tie, yes to wear with not to discard of! The shoebox too is deconstructed and turned inside, the craftsmanship is tremendous with these sneakers!

If you were a lucky individual who won a raffle for these grails, you would have only had to pay £160 (Rs. 15.19k). Wear these kicks or sell them for a whopping £3,519 – £4,336 (Rs. 3.35 Lakhs – Rs. 4.12 Lakhs).

As per StockX, one person bought these highly in-demand work of art for £5,223 (Rs. 4.98 Lakhs) during a 12-month period.

Off-White x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘White’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking? - IA 10

The Off-White x Air Jordan 1 ‘White’ is the predecessor of the collaboration between Jordan Brand and Off-White, publicising on March 3, 2018.

Clearly, actor Ranbir Kapoor is a sneakerhead as he was also seen in these, swagged out in a black Supreme hoodie, black cap, black shades and ripped jeans.

This is the reimagination of the Chicago colourway and boy Abloh done a fine job one more time. This particular model, as the name states, comes in an all-white colour scheme with light blue detailing.

Although this white rendition is more simple than the OG one stated above, it still carries that same x-factor. Still pushing the boundaries for streetwear, sneakers and culture and at the same time setting trends.

The use of premium leather materials sits satisfyingly across the crafted mesh upper. Featuring the same details as the original, the main differences being the colour palette and the light blue zip tie.

This sleek silhouette was exclusively available in limited quantities for European countries only.

Initially, the standard price for these Off-White x Air Jordan 1 trainers were £160 (Rs. 15.19k). Since their arrival, the value of these kicks have skyrocketed, ranging from £1,737 – £3,108 (Rs. 1.65 Lakhs – Rs. 2.96 Lakhs).

On the site StockX, £4,229 (Rs. 4.03 Lakhs) is the highest these shoes have sold for in a 365 day period.

Off-White x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘UNC’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking?- IA 11

The ‘UNC’ is the third colourway of the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 collaboration, hitting shelves on May 23, 2018.

Actor Varun Dhawan once again rocks Jordan 1s, this time the Off-White UNC 1s, representing them in a light blue t-shirt, navy tracksuit bottoms and a grey zip hoodie.

These AJ1s are in the colours of UNC (The University of Carolina). Markedly, UNC colours symbolise where Michael Jordan learnt the game before he became the world’s most influential basketball athlete.

Similarly, this follows the same creative blueprint as the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ and ‘White’. In contrast, this particular silhouette is displayed in a vibrant blue colour scheme.

The blues corresponds superbly against the white tones used on this crep. Yet again, the entire deconstruction vibe is very eye-catching.

When these came out, they were amounting to the same price as the other three, £160 (Rs. 15.19k). If you were unlucky and missed the drop, this will damage your bank balance by spending £1,234 – £1,351 (Rs. 1.17 Lakhs – 1.28 Lakhs).

The highest that these kicks have sold for in a 52-week period on StockX was for £1,970 (Rs. 1.87 Lakhs).

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Cactus Jack’

Which Air Jordan 1 Sneakers Are Bollywood Stars Rocking - IA 12 (2)

Lastly, we have arguably the best sneaker of 2019, the ‘Cactus Jack’ 1s, which came out on May 11, 2019.

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor poses on Instagram in these clean shoes, dressed in a grey t-shirt and black jeans.

This is the third collaboration between Nike/Jordan Brand and American rapper Travis Scott. This collaborative project sees the Air Jordan 1 reimagined like never before by the Astroworld artist!

Combining the colours of brown mocha, black and white is very aesthetically pleasing. All finished off in premium white leather and brown suede.

The reverse, oversized black Swoosh really makes these crispy sneakers stand out from the crowd.

There are many finer details with this silhouette. For example, the Cactus Jack branding is printed on the tongue and embossed on the heel.

Surprisingly, this AJ1 even has a hidden velcro pocket situated around the ankle collar for your secret stash!

Retailing at £164 (Rs. 15.60k), this was difficult to cop due to the small quantity produced. In fact, Nike SNKRS app was not able to handle the high traffic, crashing on release day.

If you could not get your hands on these beauts, they will put a dent in your wallet by spending £829 – £1,175 (Rs. 78.85k – Rs. 1.12 Lakhs).

The highest transaction value that has happened with these sneakers amount to an astronomical £3,029 (Rs. 2.88 Lakhs).

Overall, it is interesting seeing what general and hyped Air Jordan 1 sneakers Bollywood celebrities are rocking.

Whether you are donning modern or traditional clothing such as a salwar kameez, the versatility and quality of Air Jordan 1s will work with everything.

Please be aware the prices mentioned within this article are correct as of June 2020 and are subject to change. Please visit StockX to view the latest market prices.

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