What is the Orange Peel Test on TikTok?

It is Valentine’s Day and the orange peel test continues to trend on TikTok. But what is it and can it prove true love?

What is the Orange Peel Test on TikTok f

"the request of peeling an orange can provide some insights"

Valentine’s Day is the day of love but for many TikTok users, they are doing the orange peel test to see if their partner really loves them.

First going viral in 2023, the test continues to trend on the platform but what is it?

The ‘test’ involves handing an orange to your partner.

If they peel it for you, no questions asked, then their love is genuine.

If they look at you with raised eyebrows and refuse, then their love is hollow and false.

This unscientific experiment is usually administered by women on their husbands or boyfriends.

Because of its simplicity and social media’s tendency to create a reaction, the orange peel test has gone viral on TikTok.

However, the test is not actually about oranges.

The idea is that small acts of kindness can demonstrate how your partner shows up for you in a relationship.

The theory is not new though.

The orange peel test is an example of a ‘bid’, which comes from relationship therapist Dr John Gottman.

A bid is “a request from one partner to another for attention, affirmation, affection, or any other positive connection”.

@byisabelsanchez Its the “im busy right now” for me ? he knows my love language is acts of service. #orangepeeltheory #orangepeel ? original sound – byisabelsanchez

Dr Gottman says women make more bids than men. He says at times, men struggle to pay attention to the nuances around small favours.

But he added that in the healthiest relationships, both partners are comfortable making all kinds of bids.

Amber Brooks, of DatingAdvice.com, says:

“A partner’s reaction to the request of peeling an orange can provide some insights into how they show up to a relationship.

“Do they question your motives? Do they feel too busy or too stressed to offer help?

“These questions matter beyond the small task of peeling an orange, and it is good for couples to think along these lines if they are serious about making a commitment and building a life together.”

@sheenamelwani Let’s be honest, we were all hoping for this response ??#orangpeeltheory ? original sound – Sheena Melwani

Asking your partner, “Can you pass me that? Could you open this for me? Could you make me a cup of tea?” might seem innocuous, but your partner’s response to a bid can tell you a lot about how supportive they are and how willing they are to make time for you and take your needs into account.

Brooks added: “Some people have off days, and decent partners might reasonably wonder if you have more time to peel your own orange.

“The choice to peel or not peel isn’t a long-term statement of character by any means.”

“This is just one data point for daters to consider as they determine if their partner can meet their needs, from breakfast and beyond.”

Note that not peeling an orange for your partner is not necessarily a red flag.

But TikTokers have wasted no time in trying out the orange peel test.

You probably should not dump your partner if they don’t peel an orange for you but according to Dr Gottman, asking them for the occasional favour could give you an insight into how selfless they can be.

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