Was Ayesha Omar abused by Sikander Rizvi?

Ayesha Omar opened up about being abused by her ex-fiance. Some social media users were convinced she was talking about Sikander Rizvi.

Was Ayesha Omar abused by Sikander Rizvi

“But one day he subjected me to physical assault."

Ayesha Omar has responded to claims that she was abused by Sikander Rizvi.

Speaking to Frieha Altaf, Ayesha had opened up about the abuse she endured at the hands of her ex-fiance.

The actress explained that she suffered immense mental and physical abuse during the relationship but somehow managed to get out of it.

Ayesha said: “It was eight years ago.

“We were almost engaged and were like a family. It took me a long time to end this relationship and get out of it because I thought maybe the person would change because of my love. I would fix him.”

Ayesha explained that her ex-fiance would apologise for his actions, prompting her to forgive and return to him.

But when the abuse turned physical, Ayesha ended the relationship.

She continued: “But one day he subjected me to physical assault.

“This was the day I decided to not bear anymore and ended the relationship.”

Ayesha added that her ex-fiance would frequently swear.

She said: “He was such a person who was habitual of cursing. He’d say that ‘I abuse in love’.”

Ayesha also said that it took her a long time to recover from this trauma because she had “wasted precious years” of her life due to the man.

Although she did not name the man, many started speculating about who she was talking about.

One name that stood out was actor Sikander Rizvi.

Many were convinced Ayesha Omar was talking about Sikander, citing pictures of the two that were taken in 2015, in line with the timeframe Ayesha was talking about.

Was Ayesha Omar abused by Sikander Rizvi 2

The attention on Sikander prompted Ayesha to respond to the claims.

On her Instagram Story, she clarified that she was not referring to him when discussing her abusive relationship.

Ayesha wrote: “Hi lovers and haters. This is to clarify that the abusive individual I’m referring to in my podcast with @friehaaltaf is NOT Sikander Rizvi at all.”

She stated that she was actually talking about the son of a family friend.

Ayesha added:

“It was a family friend’s son, who is not connected to the media.”

“Please DO NOT involve Sikander or his family in this. Much appreciated. Much love. AO.”

Ayesha also detailed that she is still in contact with her ex-fiance. She said:

“I have a cordial relationship with him and consider him family as well. I hope he has resolved his issues, as I understand that every supposedly ‘crazy’ behaviour has mental and childhood trauma behind it.

“Unfortunately, some people just release that trauma in an abusive or physical manner, rather than dealing with it.”

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