VJ Andy accused of ‘Body Shaming Women’ on Twitter

Television personality VJ Andy has come under fire, resulting in him being accused of “body shaming women” on Twitter.

VJ Andy accused of 'Body Shaming Women' on Twitter f

"VJ Andy should be educated on the art of respecting others."

Television personality VJ Andy faces backlash for body shaming, resulting in ‘ANDY STOP BODY SHAMING WOMEN’ trending on Twitter.

VJ Andy, also known as Andy Kumar, is a British-born personality based in India and was a contestant on Bigg Boss 7.

He has now come under fire for body shaming.

The criticism comes after he made several comments about Tejasswi Prakash’s appearance on Lock Upp.

Tejasswi made a guest appearance on the reality show as host Kangana’s warden.

However, her appearance prompted discussion on VJ Andy’s YouTube channel.

In the video, Andy spoke with several viewers and while discussing the outfit given to Tejasswi for the show, Andy said she did not look very attractive.

He went on to claim that her stylist gave her an outfit with extra padding for her petite figure.

Some of his viewers laughed at his comment.

Meanwhile, Andy added that it looked like Tejasswi had stuffed something inside her outfit.

His comments did not sit well with Tejasswi’s fans and they took to Twitter to slam him for body shaming.

One user said: “VJ Andy should be educated on the art of respecting others.

“Body confidence is just a sensitive topic so he needs to be aware of the things he says on a public forum.


Another said: “This is a sensitive topic and this needs to be voiced out not just for Teja but for lakhs of people out there who face such filth.

“Andy you better publically apologise to Teja asap.”

One user attached Tejasswi’s interview on body shaming. Tejasswi previously explained that she received negative comments for being underweight but stated:

“I’ve always been a woman who has been extremely proud of how my body is or the way I was made by God. That’s how he wanted me to be.

“If people don’t like it I can’t help it, it is not in my hands to go and correct these things.

“Because it is very important for women to love themselves.”

Explaining that Tejasswi inspired her, the user wrote:

“I am underweight myself and I have never expressed but I get inspired by Teja so so so much.”

“She doesn’t give a damn about what people about her outfit or looks or whatever but that doesn’t give a man like VJ Andy to say what filth he has spoken.”

Many others criticised VJ Andy for his regressive comments and it led to ‘ANDY STOP BODY SHAMING WOMEN’ trending on Twitter.

Other netizens pointed out that the women in Andy’s videos sat there and laughed at his comments instead of calling him out.

One user wrote: “Not just Andy, all those people who sat there and laughed should be called out.

“Saddens me so much to realise that its 21st century and women still make fun of other women’s bodies.”

Another person commented: “I’m disgusted by your words VJ Andy.

“I really think in an attempt to look cool, you forget where to draw a line and that is unacceptable.

“The worst part is women themselves were laughing on this. Shame!”

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