Ushna Shah gives thoughts on Women checking Husbands’ Phones

Ushna Shah spoke about relationships and gave her thoughts on women checking their husbands’ phones after marriage.

Ushna Shah gives thoughts on Women checking Husbands' Phones f

“After marriage, there should be no phone codes"

Ushna Shah was recently a guest on Momin Saqib’s entertainment talk show Hadh Kar Di and spoke of her feelings towards women who checked their spouses’ phones.

Ushna said she felt that if there was honesty and loyalty in a relationship then a wife would never feel the need to check her husband’s phone.

She went on to say that if ever there was a moment that a wife asked to check her husband’s phone, then he should agree and hand his phone over.

The conversation started after Momin asked Ushna if it was okay for wives to check their husbands’ phones, to which she replied:

“Why not?”

Attempting to clarify her answer, Ushna continued:

“There should never be a need for it, but if a wife does reach for her husband’s phone, there shouldn’t be any hesitation or resistance from the man’s side.

“After marriage, there should be no phone codes, none of that. If you have secrets to safeguard post-marriage then why even marry?

“Display transparent conduct and behaviour to such an extent that wives don’t feel compelled to check phones.”

She stated that if a husband became defensive, it would be concerning as it would insinuate that he had something to hide.

Continuing to speak on the subject, Ushna Shah claimed another red flag is if a husband puts their phone down with the screen facing down.

She revealed that her husband, Hamza, had added her face ID on his phone but she did not ask him to do that.

To return the gesture, Ushna asked him to add his face ID on her phone too even though he did not ask for the same.

Ushna Shah’s perspective encourages couples to prioritise open communication, trust, and mutual understanding in their relationships, while also respecting each other’s privacy.

Ushna Shah is a popular actress who has made a mark in the showbiz industry.

She has starred in dramas such as Alif Allah Aur Insan, Bashar Momin, Cheekh and Balaa.

Ushna gained appreciation for her 2022 drama Habs in which she played Ayesha who is on a quest to find employment in order to financially help her family.

The story progresses when she marries Basit (Feroze Khan), a short-tempered man who struggles to have a relationship with his mother after she leaves him to start a new life with her lover.

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