Has Saba Qamar confirmed She is in a Relationship?

Saba Qamar was a guest on ‘Mazaaq Raat’ but some of her comments have led some to wonder if it was subtle confirmation of her relationship.

Has Saba Qamar confirmed She is in a Relationship f

“Humans always need someone."

Saba Qamar has seemingly confirmed that she is in a relationship.

The actress appeared on Mazaaq Raat and was questioned about her personal life after host Imran Ashraf said he noticed a level of calm and a spark in her eyes.

Imran asked: “In my life experience, something tells me that there is someone who has bought this change in you.”

Saba appeared shy and then said that in life, everyone needed a special person to call their own.

She said: “Humans always need someone. No person is able to live without anyone.”

Imran went on to ask if at this moment in time, she had found her special someone, to which Saba commented:


Saba was then seen covering her face shyly whilst the studio erupted into applause and cheers with the belief that she has confirmed her relationship.

Imran asked Saba if she would like to give her special someone a message whilst she was on the show.

In response, Saba read a poem from her favourite poet Baba Bulley Shah.

The latest episode was very well received and many comments were made after the episode was uploaded to YouTube.

One person wrote: “It’s scary to see a woman so emotionally invested. I hope she gets pure love in return.”

Another person complimented the show and said Imran Ashraf was proving to be a good choice for the show, as he was growing in confidence with each episode.

However, one social media user claimed that Saba was actually speaking about Imran and that they were in a secret relationship.

The comment read: “I do get the feeling there is something going on between Saba and Imran.

“Maybe the new couple in town? Who knows!”

The comment was met with messages of agreement and users implied that the episode was a publicity stunt for the two actors.

Saba shared a behind-the-scenes post on her Instagram, sharing snippets of her time on Mazaaq Raat.

She took photographs in the dressing room and on stage before the show started, dressed in an elegant cream-coloured sari, and her hair in a sleek low bun.

Saba Qamar is best known for her role in the drama serial Baaghi, which was based on the life of social media personality Qandeel Baloch, who was murdered by her brother in an honour killing.

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