Saba Qamar reveals she doesn’t ‘believe in Feminism’

Popular Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has revealed her thoughts about the well-known social movement, feminism and why she does not agree with it.

Saba Qamar reveals she doesn’t ‘believe in Feminism’ f

“This is the injustice that people depend on"

Pakistani actress and television presenter Saba Qamar has spoken out about her thoughts on the social movement, feminism as she revealed that she does not believe in the concept.

The actress is an established figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

As well as having starred in many television dramas and films, Saba has also received numerous accolades to her name.

These include four Lux Style Awards, a Hum Award, the 2012 Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, Pride of Performance in 2016 and a Filmfare Award nomination.

Feminism relates to the social equality of both sexes based on economic, political and ideological grounds.

Saba Qamar reveals she doesn’t ‘believe in Feminism’ - black dress

Traditionally, the male perspective was prioritised while women were considered to be below men within society.

However, efforts to change this resulted in the rise of feminism. This social movement is aimed at diminishing gender stereotypes.

Fighting for professional, educational and political opportunities for women is on the rise.

Despite this, the modern age has led people to question the concept of feminism.

The ongoing debate has made some people criticise the social movement while others have applauded it.

It appears Saba Qamar stands on the latter side of the debate. The actress shared her views on feminism. According to a video which features Saba Qamar, she said:

“I don’t believe in feminism, I believe in gender equality.”

Saba Qamar reveals she doesn’t ‘believe in Feminism’ - saree

Saba went on to mention that she believes a male member in the family, like a brother, should not be made to bear the responsibility. She explained:

“As much as women get hurt in the same way men are hurt too.”

“I don’t understand this thing if there is one brother of five sisters then how is he responsible for his sister’s wedding and other responsibilities?”

Saba went on to speak about the “injustice” which is prevalent in Pakistani societies. She said:

“But in our society, especially in Pakistan if one is earning then ten people are depending on him.

“This is the injustice that people depend on that one person who has a job and complain to him all the time.”

Although many people were initially startled by Saba Qamar’s claims, the actress clarified her stance.

Saba is a believer of “gender equality” as she states both men and women are equals.

However, her clarification has left some people confused. This is because many people believe feminism means gender equality.

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