The Gangland in Motherland depicts Punjab’s Realities

Geet Mp3 teams up with The Theatre Army Films to present the first season of the Punjabi web series, The Gangland in Motherland on YouTube.

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released f

"we really are expecting more suspense and action"

Geet Mp3 collaborates with The Theatre Army Films to bring us the highly relatable Punjabi web series, The Gangland in Motherland.

During November-December 2018, the web series successfully launched three songs and the official trailer.

With fans eagerly awaiting the web series, episode one of season 1 did release as per schedule on December 19, 2018.

Geet Mp3, a famous digital brand is known for using music to bring the world more closely together. They are also noted for promoting Punjabi artists.

The Theatre Army Films, a company from Mohali has a history of providing line production to Bollywood, Hollywood and Punjabi cinema.

The two companies front this reality-based story, which focuses on the gangland culture of Punjab.

After the success of Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree, The Gangland in Motherland happens to be the second Punjabi web series.

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - Japji Khaira

Set in the land of five rivers, the web series will show how Punjab is gradually becoming a hub for gangs with growing violence in the area.

Besides reflecting on the violence that is tormenting Punjab, the web series intends to present the reality of the world that drives the youth from the northwestern state of India.

However, other than the serious nature of the web series, there is some humour.

Watch funny scenes from The Gangland in Motherland:


Gabbar Sangrur is the writer and director, while KV Singh is the producer of the web series.

Sangrur has penned down the title track for The Gangland in Motherland. He is also the founder and director of The Theatre Army Films.

This web series marks the directorial debut for Gabbar.

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - Gabbar Sangrur

As a line producer, he has previously worked on many popular films. These include Udta Punjab (2016) and Sikander (2013).

The film has been made under the direction of a confident Sangrur.

The Gangland of Motherland will potentially take viewers on a rollercoaster ride. The web series is set to raise the bar for the digital field in Punjab.

The web series comprises an ensemble cast of characters, featuring record producer Nishawn Bhullar and Indo-Australian Punjabi actress Japji Khaira.

In 2006, Khaira won the title of ‘Miss World Punjaban.’

Musical artists such as Vadda Grewal, Mehtab Virk and Guri will also act in the film. Actors Yaad Grewal and Navdeep Kaler are the other cast members.

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - cast

Posting a picture with most of the actors on Instagram, Vadda Grewal captioned it saying:

“Bringing you the starcast of gangland. First episode on 19th december. Wait for it #ganglandinmotherland #vaddagrewal.”

As promised, Geet Mp3 kicked off season 1, by releasing episode one of the web series titled ‘Subedaar’ (military rank).

The 26 minutes and 59 seconds episode became available on YouTube at 6:00 pm.

Vadda Grewal posted a video informing fans that the first episode was available.

“Aa Gya Pehal Episode Check Karo GeetMP3 Te Jaake ,, Menu Dekh Ke Dassyo Jrur.” – the first episode is here. Check it out by going onto Geet Mp3. Do tell me after watching it.

Despite some viewers feeling that the first episode was slow, the general feedback on YouTube has been positive.

Summing up episode one, a user on YouTube says:

“Try not to show things repeteadly and avoid stretching the same thing over the edge. Make it more thrilling by reducing the silence periods.

“Overall good start but we really are expecting more suspense and action. Hope you will understand that it will set trend and become a remembrable series. Appreciate your efforts, keep it up.”

The team began promoting the web series with cast members posting images on social media.

Earlier on October 12, 2018, Virk did share a poster of the web series on his verified Facebook page:

On November 17, 2018, Vadda Grewal put up a picture on Instagram of himself holding a Gangland clapper and captioning it:

“Naa landu bandea ne rakhea stand ni Taa hi hun banu dekhi Gangland ni.”

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - Vadda Grewal

The team went on to release several songs and the official trailer.

The song ‘Jawani’ by vocalist Deep Jandu was first published on November 26, 2018, receiving over nine million YouTube views.

The song ‘Toronto’ by singers Jass Manak and Priya came next on December 04, 2018, getting over 18 million YouTube views.

Two days prior to the release of the song ‘Toronto,’ Manak shared a poster of the track.

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - Toronto

The official trailer of the film was released on December 13, 2018.

The trailer which, highlights the grippy drama and the Punjabi youth has garnered over 1.9 YouTube views.

Watch the trailer for The Gangland in Motherland here:


The trailer was trending also on social media, prompting Vadda Grewal to post a picture on Instagram.

Vadda asked people about whether they liked the trailer and if they were waiting for December 19. He wrote on Instagram:

“Kive lagea trailer sarean nu 19 Dec di wait aa fir ? ? #ganglandinmotherland#vaddagrewal”

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - Gangland clapper

The title track sung by Guri and Manak unveiled on December 16, 201,8 has received over 3.7 million YouTube views.

Post-release of the track, Manak posted an image of himself on a bed asking everyone what they thought of it. Alongside the picture he tweeted:

“Gangland in Motherland Title Song Kive Laga??”

The Gangland in Motherland: Punjabi web series released - Jass Manak

The song does show a degree of violence involving the youth of Punjab. It also focuses on the weapons they possess.

Some may find this a little controversial, taking into account the history of Punjab.

While the title track has been composed by Mix Singh, Deep Jandu has done the music for the other two tracks.

Watch the title track, The Gangland in Motherland here:


There has been a growing trend for producing more web series in India and Pakistan, with many of them receiving a positive response.

Following the successful formula, Sadia Jabbar of Pakistan has also launched her web series called Shameless Proposals.

Going by all the YouTube figures for The Gangland in Motherland, the makers of this web series could be onto a winner.

Producers hope fans will enjoy the web series as they did with Yaar Jigree Kasooti Degree.

The first episode of The Gangland in Motherland is available to watch here.

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Images courtesy of The Theatre Army Films, Jass Manak Twitter, Vadda Grewal and the.gangland Instagram.

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