Swimwear for the Asian Woman

Asian women are taking more control of what they want and how they look in swimwear. It is becoming more of a wardrobe staple. It’s about fashion and style for every shape and size. Most importantly helping Asian women feeling confident about themselves. We look at the styles available to give you that look on the beach or pool.

Naina feels concerned about wearing a swim suit for the first time

This time of year most are thinking of flying to a nice hot and sunny destination. But one of the important things on many ladies minds ‘what shall I pack for the beach?’

Most clothes shops from H&M to Chanel are showing off their summer collection of summer dresses and most importantly swimwear. Swimwear is not just designed for the ultra-skinny size zero woman. Designs have come out for every shape and size, increasing women’s confidence to look and feel sexy.
It not just bikinis and swimsuits, but whole range of swim wear has been launched. Swim dresses, Tankinis and shape-wear swim suits to give a perfect and even shape. Matching beach wear like sarongs, kaftans, hats, sandals to complement the beach/resort look.

The Asian woman of today are becoming more and more confident in the way they dress, whether it be in the working environment or at a party/event; but like all women face the dilemma of what to wear on the beach or in the pool. Some Asian women in UK feel should they really be seen in swimwear as they are of South Asian roots and shouldn’t be exposing their bodies.

Naina from East London is married into a very conservative family. Her and her husband are going away to Cyprus this summer and Naina feels concerned about wearing a swim suit for the first time. Meera from Bath feels that after having her three children her body hasn’t been the same and is also lacking confidence in swimwear.

A little tip to over-come the lack of confidence and still look hot at your chosen hot destination is to combine Sarongs, Kaftans and Swim dresses with swimsuits and bikinis.

Sarongs are very versatile. They come in various lengths and can be worn in different ways showing off as much or as little as you want. Swim dresses and kaftans can be worn over a bikini or swim suit for those who feel a little shy; this can be a true confidence builder.

Some swimsuits have a lining on the inside to give ‘tummy control’ (shape-wear swim wear) so you can feel and look amazing with a firmer and a flatter tummy. Influences from the 50’sand 60’s are back in swimwear with a slight modern touch. The cut and style of the swimsuit is a one piece, it comes in various colours and patterns. But those who are super conscious can always go for a dark colour or even black, this gives a flattering shape.

Rochas, Chanel, Ted Baker are adding that old school glamour from Marilyn Monroe. But it’s not just the high end labels that have been influenced from this era, H&M, M&S have similar styles too. So the Asian women can have a bit of old school Hollywood glamour too.

Tankinis are becoming more and more popular. The bottoms are more cut and shaped as shorts. The upper part of the Tankini gives the look of a top. But dependent on how you feel everything can be mixed and matched giving a new look every day when you are at the beach or by the pool.

For the slimmer women they also face the same confidence challenges. Amerjeet felt that as she is slightly flat chested feels that she needs to cover up and doesn’t have the confidence in swimwear. House of Frasier, M&S and Rigby & Peller have swimwear collections with extra padding in bikinis and swimsuits.

To extenuate and compliment the upper body the style would be halter neck. The tie at the back of the neck lifts and firms the less ‘busty’ chest giving a great shape and cleavage. Sarongs can be worn under belly button area. There are also mini sarongs to show off long legs taking attention away from the upper body.

The variety of swim and beach wear has become just as or in some cases more important in most women’s wardrobes. Most ladies want to be fashionable at any event they attend; there is now an increase of this same trend on the beach/resort.

Kavita from Hayes is very confident about herself being of Indian descent. She has a curvy body shape, and dresses to highlight and compliment her curves. Kavita is not a great swimmer. And is more interested in looking ‘Fashionable’ at the beach/resort then to dip into the water. More and more high-flying Asian women from UK feel the same. Confidence is growing, and like Kavita, regardless of how revealing the swimwear is they want to look like fashion diva’s on holiday.

Some beach/resort wear will never go near the sea or sand. Some swimwear designs have become funky with crystals, beads and intricate details; not suitable for the sea or in the pool, but make a fashionista statement ‘I have arrived’ like when entering a major party or event.

Beach/resort wear from Urvashi Kaur and Shivan & Narresh has bought the glamour and glitz to the female wardrobe. Dependent upon your own individual personality you can make a loud statement or a very subtle statement.

Urvashi Kaur’s creations are and infusion of ethnic and western fusion. Each handcrafted like a perfect oil painting. She uses various fabrics for her collection. Urvashi likes to experiment and infuses colours and styles of her swim wear collection. This is a sure bet that heads will turn in great envy.

Shivan & Narresh exhibited their latest collection at Lakme Fashion week 2012. This explosive duo is the first mainstream designer in beach/resort wear in India. Shivan & Narresh designs and collections have set the bar high. Their signature style is bold screaming sophistication in cut and colour using Italian fabrics.

Swimwear is becoming more of a wardrobe staple with Asian women. It’s not just about what will be okay, it’s about fashion and style for every shape and size. Most importantly helping Asian women feeling confident about themselves on a sandy beach or in the pool.

Savita Kaye is a professional and hardworking independent woman. She thrives in the corporate world, aswell as the glitz and glam of the fashion industry. Always maintaining an enigma around her. Her motto is 'If you got it show it, if you like it buy it'!!!