Salman Khan’s bungalow Caretaker arrested for Robbery Case

Salman Khan’s caretaker, Shakti Siddheshwar Rana was arrested for a crime he committed in 1990. He had since been living with a false identity.

Salman Khan's bungalow Caretaker arrested for Robbery Case f

"Was in hiding for 29 years"

The caretaker of Salman Khan’s bungalow in Gorai, Mumbai was arrested for a 1990 robbery case. The arrest was made by the Crime Branch of Mumbai Police on October 9, 2019.

According to a source on ANI, the suspect identified as 62-year-old Shakti Siddheshwar Rana.

In 1990, the police had arrested Rana along with two others but after receiving bail they fled.

As a result of failing to turn up to their court hearing, a non-bail warrant was issued against them.

At the time of the incident, the trio forcefully entered a house, where they assaulted the residents and stole from the property.

Ever since then, according to reports Rana had changed his identity and was in hiding for 29 years.

He was said to be living in Salman Khan’s house who he had been employed by for 15 years.

Police acted on a tip-off and searched the Gorai-based property where they arrested Rana.

After evading justice, Senior Police Inspector Ninand Sawant confirmed that he finally confessed to his crime.

Salman Khan’s employees have not been short of controversy. It was allegedly reported that his bodyguard, Shera, acted on impulse while high on steroids.

It was claimed that Shera assaulted a passerby in Moradabad. After a lot of resistance and with the help of people the police could restrain him.

They had to use ropes and fishing nets to take hold of him and he was taken to Bareilly Mental Hospital. Yet, these claims were proved to be false.

Notably, Shera appeared in Salman Khan’s film, Bodyguard (2011). The film is said to be a dedication to him.

In the title track of the film, Shera is seen alongside Salman Khan.

Salman Khan who is known for launching aspiring actors is set to launch Shera’s son Tiger.

According to Salman Tiger was being “groomed” for a big launch. He continued to explain that numerous filmmakers have their eye on Tiger.

Salman himself is helping him select the best script suited to him.

A video circulated the internet in which Salman is seen asking Sehra to walk ahead in the ‘Pehle app, Pehle app’ way at the airport.

Another video featuring Sehra went viral where he is dancing with his father.

While Salman’s caretaker has been remanded in custody, as per police reports the case is still ongoing.

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