Saba Qamar hints at Mystery Lover

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar has opened up about the mystery admirer in her life who often sends her flowers.

Saba Qamar hints at Mystery Lover f

"the way matters are moving ahead, it will happen soon."

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar spoke about the mystery man who often sends her flowers.

Saba appeared on a talk show and opened up about her love interest.

She was asked about the flowers that she often receives, pointing out that they are seen on Instagram.

Saba explained that the flowers are sent by someone special, hinting that she is in a relationship with him.

She said: “He is not from Pakistan, so, Pakistanis don’t have to compete with it.

“All I can say is, the way matters are moving ahead, it will happen soon.”

Saba Qamar had previously opened up about marriage, requesting her fans to be patient as she will reveal the name of the person she will marry soon.

She added that her wedding will be a low-key one, in front of family and close friends only.

Speaking about marriage, Saba said:

“I think in love marriages, when two people love each other, according to me, those two would never look around or think about someone else.

“So to get a proposal from a man who is ‘happily married’ in a love marriage was the first lesson I learnt.

“I had the reaction that ‘oh my god, he just got married’ and his marriage was something that everybody knew about.

“So for me, it was like this also happens.”

She stated that compatibility is key in a relationship.

“Women always have a soft corner, no matter how successful she is or what heights she has reached.

“A woman is vulnerable so her love corner is always there.”

“Of course, it gets difficult to find a companion when you have experiences of your own and that if that person hasn’t been through any of them, they won’t be able to handle you.”

On the work front, Saba Qamar opened up about her reluctance whilst filming a bold scene in the Bollywood film Hindi Medium.

She said: “It was a little bold scene for me because of that night suit which was too short, you know that we didn’t have the trend of movies in Pakistan, also, we are not accustomed to wearing such clothes and portray such bold scenes.

“I personally was uncomfortable doing that scene as we are not used to such portrayals here, however, it was done comfortably so I was okay, later on.”

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