Popular Web Series ‘Karagar’ to return for Part 2

Popular Bangladeshi web series ‘Karagar’ is set to return for a second season. The first series was a huge hit among viewers.

Popular Web Series 'Karagar' to return for Part 2 f

"I think that's when I will be waiting for the true verdict."

Bangladeshi web series Karagar is set to return for Part Two in December 2022.

The show was released on Hoichoi to rave reviews in both Bangladesh and India.

It told the story of a prisoner who appears in Akashnagar Central Jail’s Cell No.145 which was shut for 50 years.

This revelation causes panic among everyone. Who is this mystery man and what secrets does he hold inside him?

Directed by Syed Ahmed Shawki, the second series will be available to stream from December 15.

According to the viewers, in Karagar, that magic is amplified by remarkable performances from a cast that’s expertly handled by the director to extract some of the finest performances in recent web series history.

A review by the Times of India stated that the show finds the perfect pace to hold an aura of mystery, teasing the audience with hints of foreshadowing on screen.

Cinematographer Barkat Hossain Palash’s camera skillfully lingers on patches of light, while the background comes into keen focus.

It is a treat to watch Chanchal Chowdhury accomplish a nerve-wracking job and perhaps deliver one of the most significant and nuanced performances of his life.

FS Nayeem’s gruffness and friendship with Intekhab Dinar come off as quite natural and relatable. Dinar as the jailor will leave one with mixed feelings, which was probably the director’s key intention.

The first series was described as the best Bengali series. To which, Syed Ahmed Shawki said:

“I think people have to see the second part to truly make that statement.

“It will reveal everything and I think that’s when I will be waiting for the true verdict.

“Season 1 was filled with so much mystery and has left too many things unsolved.

“You see, telling a story for three hours and not bringing a solution was definitely a risky proposition.

“Now that this has gained so much love, as great as that feels, we also know that the second part will get more eyeballs. And so, the pressure is on!”

Lead actor Chanchal Chowdhury shared his thoughts after the series two release date was announced. He said:

“The love that Karagar received from all over the world has been overwhelming.”

“I had confidence in Shawki’s work, and the response has exceeded all expectations.”

Season two will unveil many mysteries as the first part ended with a cliffhanger.

The audience is eagerly waiting for part two of the series which also stars Intekhab Dinar, Bijori Barkatullah, FS Nayeem and Tasnia Farin among others.

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