Pakistani Woman reunites with Indian Brothers after 75 Years

A woman who was separated from her family during Partition and was raised by a Pakistani couple has reunited with her Indian brothers.

Pakistani Woman reunites with Indian Brothers after 75 Years f

she was actually from an Indian Sikh family.

A woman has reunited with her Indian brothers, 75 years after becoming separated from her family during the violence of Partition.

Mumtaz Bibi was born in a Sikh family but ended up being adopted and raised by a Pakistani couple.

At the time of Partition, Mumtaz was an infant who became separated from her family.

Her mother was sadly killed by violent mobs.

A couple named Muhammad Iqbal and Allah Rakhi adopted the youngster and raised her as their own, naming her Mumtaz.

After Partition ended, Muhammad’s family settled in the village of Varika Tian in Sheikhupura, in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The couple continued to raise Mumtaz but did not tell her about her origin.

In 2020, Muhammad became seriously ill and his health quickly deteriorated.

As his health continued to worsen, Muhammad decided to tell Mumtaz that she was not his biological daughter and that she was actually from an Indian Sikh family.

After Muhammad passed away, Mumtaz and her son Shahbaz began searching for her family through social media.

They found out the name of Mumtaz’s biological father as well as the village of Sidrana in the Patiala district of Punjab, India.

Mumtaz’s real family had settled there after being forced to leave their ancestral home during Partition. It later became part of Pakistan.

Both sets of families connected through social media and arranged to meet.

Gurumeet Singh, Narendra Singh and Amrinder Singh, along with other family members, turned up at Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in the Pakistani town of Kartarpur to meet Mumtaz.

The sister and brothers were reunited after becoming separated 75 years ago due to Partition.

The Kartarpur corridor links the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Pakistan, the final resting place of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Dev, with the Dera Baba Nanak shrine in the district of Gurdaspur in India.

Indian and Pakistani nationals can access the Kartarpur corridor without a visa.

Mumtaz Bibi is one of the many women who were separated from their families during Partition due to the atrocities that took place at the time.

Many women were taken in by Muslim families and they lived in Pakistan since then. On the other hand, Muslim women ended up living in India.

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