Pakistani Celebs criticised for Celebrating Halloween

Pakistani celebrities sported an array of costumes for Halloween, however, they were criticised for celebrating the holiday.

Pakistani Celebs criticised for Celebrating Halloween f


"It's sad to see Pakistanis heading in that direction.”

Pakistani celebrities have come under fire for celebrating Halloween.

The likes of Neha Taseer and Areeba Habib were seen in vibrant costumes and having a good time.

Husband and wife duo Neha and Shahbaz Taseer opted for a couple’s theme, going as Batman villains Harley Quinn and The Joker.

Meanwhile, Anoushey Ashraf dressed up as Wednesday from The Addams Family.

Sabeeka Imam chose to put a racy twist on Minnie Mouse.

However, not everyone was a fan of the celebrations.

Former actress Noor Bukhari shared her views on social media, stating that Pakistan should not be involved in Halloween celebrations.

Pakistani Celebs criticised for Celebrating Halloween 2

As more Halloween pictures appeared online, Noor took to her Instagram Story to comment that the number of people who celebrated Halloween was “alarming”.

Noor went on to say that she believes Halloween should not be celebrated as it is a Western tradition.

She added that it will reach a point where Halloween will become part of Pakistani culture.

Her fans agreed with her comments.

One said that they are Pakistani-born living abroad and still do not celebrate the Western tradition:

“I live in the US. I never celebrated the horrible occasion.

“It’s sad to see Pakistanis heading in that direction.”

A second follower expressed that they believe it is generally Pakistan’s “elite-class”, including celebrities, who take part in Western occasions such as Halloween.

One wrote: “So sad, I live in the UK, I never celebrated this but in Pakistan, it is so sad.”

Others also stated that Noor’s comments were “sad” but “true”.

Pakistani Celebs criticised for Celebrating Halloween

Pakistani model Areeba Habib came under fire for sharing her Halloween costume pictures.

Pictures taken at a private Pakistani costume party showed a man dressed to impersonate Bushra Bibi, wife of former Prime Minister Imran Khan, in what appeared to be a white niqab and abaya.

Followers of the Pakistani star expressed their strong dislike for what the interpretation of the costume would be for the public.

The general opinion of commenters on Areeba’s social media is that they believed the costume made a mockery of the Islamic religious dress wear, the niqab and abaya.

After receiving criticism from people online, Areeba Habib, who had previously appreciated the costume took to her Instagram story to apologise:

“I did not know what the post was related to. Human error.

“I want to sincerely apologise for my oversight. Will make sure I am careful with my postings here on.”

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