Nitesh Rane says Rohan Rai linked to Disha Salian Death

BJP MLA Nitesh Rane has alleged that the death of Disha Salian is linked to her fiance Rohan Rai, who has since disappeared.

BJP's Nitesh Rane claims Rohan Rai linked to Disha Salian Death f

"Something must have happened at the party of June 8"

In connection to the death of Disha Salian, Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager, BJP MLA Nitesh Rane has alleged that her fiance Rohan Rai is linked to it.

He has claimed that he is privy to certain information about June 8, 2020, and will give it to the CBI at the “right time”.

In an interview, Nitesh said:

“Just like Rhea is the closest link to Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, the nearest to Disha Salian’s death is her fiance Rohan Rai.”

Nitesh said that Rohan knows the truth about the events that day but is “currently in hiding”.

Nitesh went on to say that if Rohan does not go to the CBI then he is ready to tell the CBI everything he knows.

He said: “You have to understand that there are very straight-forward evidence or a straight-forward link. And, there is a very suspicious way things have started unveiling after June 8th which led to the 13th.

“If you see, Disha Salian did not stay with her parents, but, in a live-in relationship with a guy called Rohan Rai. Surprisingly, they both were in a live-in relationship, madly in love.

“They were planning to settle down by the end of this year or next year. That is what we have heard. Surprisingly, since Disha’s death, nobody has heard about this guy called Rohan Rai till today, and what is his stand on the entire Disha Salian episode?

“Why isn’t he coming out and saying that this isn’t a suicide and this is what has happened?”

He added: “CBI is going in the right direction. Something must have happened at the party of June 8 and someone must have been present there because of which the Mumbai Police is on the backfoot.

“The whole system is trying to save someone who must have been present on both June 8 and 12. The CBI should check mobile tower locations to track these people.

“There definitely were certain people who were present on both dates. This is not a political case at all.”

“Two young people die in a very wrong manner and it is my duty as a responsible citizen to provide all the information to the CBI.”

Nitesh Rane went on to say that Rohan is “100%” holding vital information about his fiancee’s death.

Disha Salian allegedly fell from the 14th floor of a building on June 8, six days before Sushant’s death.

Like Sushant, Disha’s death was allegedly registered as suicide, however, it was reported that her phone remained active for nine days after her death.

Her post-mortem also revealed that her body was found naked.

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