Police say Disha Salian actually Called Friend before Death

It was reported that Disha Salian called the police before her death, however, Mumbai Police claim that she actually called a friend.

Police say Disha Salian actually Called Friend before Death f

"The last call from Disha Salian's phone was made to her friend"

Mumbai Police have said that Disha Salian actually called her friend before her tragic death and not the emergency service.

It had been heavily reported that Disha called the police emergency service (100) on June 8, 2020, before she died.

However, Mumbai Police have now said that her last phone call was in fact to a friend.

Disha had fallen from the 14th floor of a building in Malad. She had previously been at a party in Juhu, an event which has had a lot of attention in regards to her death.

It was initially claimed that she took her own life but many believe that she was murdered.

Her death became even more suspicious after actor Sushant Singh Rajput, whom Disha formerly managed, was found dead at his home just days later on June 14, 2020.

A Mumbai Police official spoke about Disha’s final call:

“The last call from Disha Salian’s phone was made to her friend Ankita. The claim that she tried to dial 100 the last time is false.”

BJP MLA Nitesh Rane alleged that her boyfriend Rohan Rai has important information regarding Disha’s death and urged him to come out of hiding and go to the CBI.

He threatened to provide the CBI with the information if Rohan did not.

Disha’s father, Satish Salian revealed that he used his daughter’s phone to call 100 on May 10, 2020. Reportedly, no calls were recorded from June 1-8.

Satish told India Today: “The whole lockdown, Rohan and Disha were at home. They wanted to go to their Malad home for cleaning (of the place).

“They wanted to take the car. At that time, there were strict lockdown rules. There was nakabandi at every place.

“Therefore, I took Disha Salian’s phone and called on 100 number on May 10. The cop replied to me that to travel till Malad, from our own home, E-pass won’t be necessary.

“Next day, Disha and Rohan went to the Malad home and returned in a few days.”

Satish added: “All the conspiracy theories are to defame us. We are going through very difficult times. We have already lost our daughter and now people are not letting us live.

“All these conspiracy theories should be stopped immediately. There has to be some limit.”

Satish previously filed police complaints against three people for spreading false rumours about Disha’s death.

It has been speculated that Disha Salian’s body was found naked by police. However, Mumbai Police refuted the reports.

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court for a court-monitored CBI probe into the case, stating that Disha’s death is linked to Sushant’s.

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