Indian Dentist blackmailed by Woman he ‘Dated’ & Her Parents

An Indian dentist from Bengaluru was blackmailed by a young woman he dated. The woman’s parents were also in on the blackmailing scheme.

Indian Dentist blackmailed by Woman he 'Dated' & Her Parents f

"The dentist's parents met the accused at a hotel"

An Indian dentist from Bengaluru dated a 21-year-old woman, however, it took a turn for the worst as she and her parents blackmailed him.

He had met the woman on a dating app. Over a period of five months, the young woman’s parents extorted approximately Rs. 42 Lakh (£46,000) from the dentist and his family.

They made threats by showing the dentist’s parents videos of their daughter with their son.

They even claimed that their daughter was pregnant and told them to pay Rs. 20 Lakh (£21,000) for her to have an abortion.

This prompted the victim to approach the police, which led to the couple being arrested.

Police officers identified the suspects as 45-year-old Parmod Kumar and Leena Kavitha, aged 43. Both lived in the suburb of Malleswaram.

It was heard that the Indian dentist started dating the young woman after meeting on a dating app.

During their relationship, Kumar and Kavitha followed the victim to a lodge that he and his girlfriend used to visit where they met him.

The suspects were able to obtain various details of the victim’s parents including their address.

Following the information, Kumar and Kavitha began calling the mother of the dentist, stating that they had photos and videos of her son with their daughter.

They blackmailed the mother who was a lecturer at a prestigious college in the area. An investigating officer explained:

“The accused called the dentist’s mother, a lecturer at a reputed college in Malleswaram.

“They claimed to have videos and photographs of her son with their daughter.

“They asked her to pay Rs. 1 Crore (£109,000) and said that they’ll release the video in case their demands weren’t met.”

“The dentist’s parents met the accused at a hotel, where they also claimed that their daughter was pregnant.”

While the parents of the dentist did not pay the Rs. 1 crore that was requested, they handed over a cheque for Rs. 22 Lakh (£24,000).

The young woman’s parents phoned the victims again, demanding Rs. 20 lakh. The victim obliged and transferred the money into Kavitha’s bank account.

But the suspects continued to blackmail the dentist’s family. They claimed that their daughter became pregnant and had requested more money for an abortion procedure.

Subsequently, the dentist went to the police and explained the ordeal he and his parents had been through.

Officers from Malleswaram Police Station registered a case and arrested Kavitha and Kumar. Police have stated that further investigations are underway.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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