Nikki Tamboli recalls ‘Worst Experience’ with South Director

Nikki Tamboli recalled being poorly treated by the director of one of her South Indian films, revealing that he left her in tears.

Nikki Tamboli recalls 'Worst Experience' with South Director f

"he was not treating me right on the set."

Nikki Tamboli opened up about one of her worst experiences in the South Indian film industry where she was “ill-treated” by a director.

The actress appeared in South Indian films before gaining fame on Bigg Boss 14.

She has appeared in three South Indian films.

However, Nikki explained that her “worst experience” involved her time working with a director.

Nikki said: “I remember one of my films from South, and the director was too bad with me.

“Not in some other sense, but he was not treating me right on the set.

“I was with my co-dancers, he was appreciating them more than me. He was literally saying, ‘kahan se aayi hai yaar yeh’.”

Nikki admitted that she did not know why the director was treating her like that.

“I don’t know. Just because I couldn’t speak that language initially.

“He was the worst I should say. I would not name (him), but that was the worst experience.”

Nikki revealed that her parents knew about her ordeal and the poor treatment even resulted in her returning home in tears.

“I would tell you, I have even cried after coming home, and my mom and dad are also aware of this.

“I was shooting abroad, and I was so tortured by that director, that I would come home and cry.

“But still, I didn’t give up because I knew that he would regret it, and he messaged me today too. Time changes people, but not everyone.”

Meanwhile, Nikki Tamboli stated that she is working hard on her career and wants to become a top actress.

“I am doing everything that is possible. I am getting trained, I am not wasting my time.”

“If you want to achieve something, you will do it no matter what. If there is a will, there is a way. You cannot avoid it.

“You know because I know what’s my plus point. Everyone knows their plus and minus points. So I am keeping my plus points on the side, and working on my minus points.

“Because I know when this minus becomes plus, it will make an impact, and I am happy that I am aware of that.”

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