KJo signs Salman for Shuddhi

What’s Monika got in store for us this week? The rumour mill has been busy. Gossip is Karan Johar has finally teamed with Salman, Deepika has extended an olive branch to Katrina and Sunny Leone is back doing what she does best!

Katrina Kaif

Salman Khan and Karan Johar Gossip

KJo signs Salman for Shuddhi

It’s official! After 15 years, Salman and Karan Johar will finally work on the much hyped film Shuddhi. The film was first offered to Hrithik and Kareena but Hrithik opted out of the project due to health reasons, then Kareena walked out. The film then went on to the B-town lovers Ranveer and Deepika.

The duo too ditched KJo to sign the film Bajirao Mastani with his foe Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Alas, KJo finally tweeted announcing that he will be working the superstar. Monika is sure you too are curious to find out what was the hype all about!

Suzzane and Hrithik Gossip

Which star wife is having an affair?

Monika is going to tease you and surely not going to reveal the identity this time. Let’s see if you figure it out right. This star-wife made the breaking news when she split with her Greek-God-looks husband last year. She was often rumoured to hang out with a hot actor and his model wife rave partying hard.

However this awesome threesome are noted to have some differences lately and if sources are to be believed then this star wife is now hanging out only with the hot actor sans his wife. This has not gone down well with the actor’s wife and Monika smells a cat fight soon!

Hrithik Roshan Gossip

Hrithik is the highest paid actor

Monika smells moolah. She heard that Hrithik has been signed by Ashutosh Gowariker for a whooping 50 crores for the film Mohen Jodaro. That just makes Hrithik not just the hottest but the most expensive star in Bollywood and the film, the most expensive film till date.

Not just that, Monika hears that though Hrithik already has a physique to die for, he wants Joshua Kyle Baker, CrossFit coach and personal trainer to be flown down from London to work on making him fitter and more flexible. Girls, what are you waiting for, he is super rich and single again! Wink wink!

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone still a porn star

Shhhhh gossip is that Sunny Leone, the porn-star-turned-Bollywood-diva who was thought to shed her adult star image and get full time into Bollywood is still endorsing an adult website that sells sex toys and products.

Monika further found out that poor Sunny claims that she has no idea of being promoted as the brand ambassador of the website. However the website owners claim that they have signed a contract with Sunny and she is playing a publicity stunt to clean up her image. Now Sunny you shouldn’t forget your roots! Wink wink.

Katrina Kaif

Did Ranbir ask Deepika to wish Katrina?

Everybody knows there is a filmy-style-cold war involving boyfriend snatching, passing mean remarks about each other and accusations between Katrina and Deepika. However this year on Katrina’s rival Deepika Padukone tweeted to Kat wishing her on her B’day!

While Dee fans were raving about her sweet gesture to bury the hatchet, Kat fans were suspicious of Dee trying too hard to be nice in front of the world. Monika is still wondering what made Dee wish Kat and if Ranbir was involved in this? What do you think DESIblitzers?

Pavandeep Paul

Pav controversy inside big Brother house

It’s been not even a week since the Brit-Asian, Pavandeep Paul has entered the Big Brother house and he is already creating much controversy. Monika likes this!! Pav is a wild card entry and has seen it all before entering the house, thus he knows his game.

He is already making a big speech that he is keen to educate the world on his religion Sikhism but also goes around making statements like: “Put a few hot girls in the house please, you can’t wa*k over a personality.” Pav watch out, Monika is certainly keeping an eye on you. Give us some gossip.

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