Indian Woman divorced by Husband for having Crooked Teeth

An Indian woman from Telangana was divorced by her husband. The woman revealed that it was because she had crooked teeth.

Indian Woman divorced by Husband for having Crooked Teeth f

"Mustafa said that he does not like me because of my crooked teeth"

An Indian woman from Hyderabad, Telangana, has explained that her husband divorced her for having crooked teeth.

She went on to say that she has registered a complaint against him.

The case was registered by Hyderabad Police. It was heard that he gave his wife ‘triple talaq’.

‘Triple talaq’ is a form of divorce where a man could legally divorce his wife by pronouncing talaq (the Urdu word for divorce) three times.

Rukhsana Begum explained that due to her crooked teeth, her husband Mustafa divorced her. She also alleged that he and his parents regularly harassed her for dowry.

They had married on June 27, 2019, but on October 31, 2019, a police case was registered.

The case against Mustafa was registered under section 498A of the Indian Penal Code, Dowry Act and Triple Talaq Act.

Circle Inspector K Chandra Shekar explained:

“We have received a complaint from Begum accusing her husband of pronouncing triple talaq as she has crooked teeth and harassing her for extra dowry.”

Ms Begum had told officers: “At the time of our marriage Mustafa and his family had demanded so many things and my family fulfilled their demands.

“After our marriage, my husband and in-laws started harassing me to bring more gold and money from my home.

“Mustafa even took a bike from my brother.

“They used to torture me regularly and finally Mustafa said that he does not like me because of my crooked teeth and that he did not want to live with me anymore.

“My in-laws locked me inside their house for 10 to 15 days.”

Ms Begum said that when she was ill, her husband and in-laws sent her back to her parent’s house.

The Indian woman said: “I filed a complaint with the local police and my in-laws and Mustafa agreed to compromise. They said that they will take me back to their place.

“But on October 1, Mustafa came to my place and said that he would not take me back with him.”

“He abused my parents and pronounced triple talaq.”

On October 12, 2019, Ms Begum tried to call Mustafa but he said “talaq” to her before putting the phone down.

This prompted her to file a police complaint, demanding justice.

She said: “On October 26, I lodged a complaint with the local police against my husband and in-laws for giving triple talaq and demanding dowry.

“Police have registered a case against them. I want justice in my case.”

India Today reported that a case was registered on October 31, 2019, and an investigation is underway.

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