Indian Policeman beats Man taking Niece to Hospital

An Indian policeman from Chhattisgarh got into an altercation with a man who was taking his niece to hospital. The officer ended up beating the man.

Indian Policeman brutally beats Man taking Niece to Hospital f

Constable Urao beating Atiq with a stick, leaving him bleeding.

An investigation is underway after an Indian policeman beat a man who was taking his niece to the hospital.

The incident happened in the city of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh.

Amid the lockdown, police had been patrolling the streets, looking for anyone who was breaching the guidelines.

One officer saw the man driving with his sister-in-law and niece. Even though the man explained that he was going to the hospital, the officer was hostile. This led to a dispute between the two.

The officer then began hitting the man with a stick, causing a cut on his face and leaving him bleeding.

During the attack, the victim screamed for help.

While the young man filed a complaint against the officer, police also registered a case against the man. It was alleged that the man had abused the constable and was obstructing government work.

It was reported that Atiq Ansari decided to take his niece to the hospital when she became ill.

He was travelling with her and his sister-in-law when he was stopped by Constable Rajesh Urao. The officer told Atiq to get out of the vehicle.

The confrontation resulted in Constable Urao beating Atiq with a stick, leaving him bleeding.

Atiq said that the officer did not listen even though he told him that he was going to the hospital. The victim also said that his glasses broke in the assault.

Following the attack, the Indian policeman left the area.

Meanwhile, police were informed about the incident. They had heard that Atiq had told Constable Urao that he was a journalist.

According to the officer, Atiq had parked his car in front of a police car.

When Atiq was told to exit the car, he allegedly became aggressive, saying that he was a journalist.

Constable Urao claimed that Atiq verbally abused him before grabbing his hand. The officer tried defending himself, causing Atiq to injure himself.

The officer said that he suffered injuries to his hand.

According to Officer in-charge Surendra, a case was registered against Atiq based on Constable Urao’s complaint. The young man has been accused of violating lockdown, obstructing government work and assaulting an officer.

Both Atiq and Constable Urao are under investigation.

The case is ongoing. Police have said that the truth about what happened will be revealed once the investigation has concluded.

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