Indian Mother leaves Baby Girl in Public Toilet Washbasin

An Indian mother from Haryana abandoned her baby girl. The young infant was left inside the washbasin of a public toilet.

Indian Mother leaves Baby Girl in Public Toilet Wash Basin f

The baby was later handed over to child welfare.

A two-month-old baby girl was discovered in the washbasin of a public toilet after her mother abandoned her.

The child was found in the temple complex of Agroha Dham, Haryana, on March 7, 2020.

It is believed that the mother got her child ready and took her into the bathroom before leaving her in the washbasin and running away.

The rest of the child’s clothes were found in a bag nearby which suggested that the mother still cared despite abandoning the baby.

Sandeep Kumar, manager of Agroha Dham, called the police. Officers arrived at the scene and took the child.

Meanwhile, they questioned visitors to find out if they had helpful information, however, nothing was found.

After taking the girl, the police admitted her to a hospital.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Rahul Gautam conducted a medical examination on the baby girl but found that the child was completely healthy.

The baby was later handed over to child welfare.

Mr Kumar explained to officers that the cleaner, Usha Devi, discovered the infant. She had gone to clean the bathroom when she heard the sound of crying.

Usha approached the washbasin and saw the child as well as a clothes bag nearby.

She thought that the mother had gone to the toilet so she tried to calm the baby down. However, when no one came out, Usha informed Mr Kumar.

Mr Kumar made an announcement over the loudspeaker, requesting that the parents pick up their child.

He decided to call the police when he received no response.

Dr Gautam revealed that the baby was kept in the emergency department of the medical college for approximately two hours.

He went on to say that six families wanted to adopt the child.

Cases of abandoned newborns are not uncommon in India. In one incident, a newborn baby was found lying in a rubbish dump in Surat, Gujarat.

A 15-year-old girl had gone to the shop when she heard the sound of crying coming from the dump. When she approached it, she saw the baby lying in the garbage.

Geeta approached the rubbish dump and found the baby wrapped in a small cloth. She scared the nearby pigeons away and picked up the child.

She took off her jumper and used it to wrap up the child. When Geeta returned home, her mother asked what she had bought.

Geeta told her mother that she found a baby lying in some rubbish.

Geeta’s mother called the police and an ambulance. The baby was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, the police are looking for the baby’s mother.

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