Indian Man Killed & Buried Wife inside Home

An investigation revealed that an Indian man from Uttar Pradesh murdered his wife. He later buried her body inside their home.

Indian Man Killed & Buried Wife inside Home f

"he had been changing locations to avoid any contact with his in-laws."

A 32-year-old Indian man was arrested on January 4, 2020, for murdering his wife.

The arrest came more than a year after the murder took place. The suspect killed his wife in May 2018 before burying her body inside their home in Jalaun district’s Orai, Uttar Pradesh.

Police officers explained that Orai residents Pramod Kumar and Vineeta got married in 2011.

After their marriage, they moved to New Delhi to live with Pramod’s parents. They have three daughters together.

Pramod made a living by doing various jobs and used to travel on his rickshaw.

Several years into their marriage, Pramod and Vineeta began travelling between Orai and Delhi, while their children stayed with their grandparents.

According to the police, the couple regularly got into domestic disputes, which often became heated.

It was revealed that Vineeta filed a police complaint against her husband on one occasion. The woman accused Pramod of domestic violence.

However, the complaint was withdrawn after the couple decided to work on their marriage, after receiving counselling.

Vineeta’s murder started to come to light as both sets of families stated that since 2018, whenever they would phone, Pramod would always answer.

When Vineeta’s parents asked where she was, the Indian man claimed she was busy with chores. Police later found out that Pramod stopped talking to his own parents.

Her parents could not contact Vineeta directly as she did not own a mobile phone.

Her father Khemraj filed a complaint after going over a year without speaking to his daughter. An investigation was launched but an FIR was not registered.

The police then contacted Pramod’s father to find out his son’s whereabouts.

Pramod’s father was eventually able to speak to his son and the two went to the police station. During questioning, Pramod confessed to killing his wife.

He told Superintendent Satish Kumar that he killed his wife on May 18, 2018, and buried her body. Pramod also said that he concealed the body by plastering the house with cement.

A police officer said: “Since then, he had been changing locations to avoid any contact with his in-laws.”

Police went to Pramod’s home and dug up the house.

In the presence of city magistrate Harishankar Shukla, officers found Vineeta’s remains.

SP Kumar said: “We have lodged a case against the accused under sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code on Saturday and arrested him.

“We have also sent the remains of the body for a post-mortem examination.”

The Times of India reported that Pramod Kumar was remanded in custody, while police investigate what led to him killing his wife and how he committed the murder.

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