Indian Man gropes South Korean Vlogger during Twitch Stream

Chilling footage showed the moment a South Korean vlogger was groped by an Indian man whilst live streaming her trip in Hong Kong.

Indian Man gropes South Korean Vlogger during Live Stream f

"Listen, come with me. I'm alone."

A South Korean vlogger was groped and molested by an Indian man during a live stream.

Twitch streamer may5w had been live-streaming her trip to Hong Kong at the time.

May, who has over 16,000 followers on the platform, had been waiting at a tram stop in the Central district when a man approached her, asking about the tram routes.

They began speaking but as time passed, May grew increasingly concerned due to it getting late and the absence of trams.

She decided to take the Mass Transit Railway instead.

Realising that the man was heading in the same direction, May offered to guide him.

However, things quickly took a dark turn as the man walked close to her and invaded her personal space.

He then put his arm around the vlogger, who appeared visibly comfortable.

She tries to take his hand off her shoulder but the man persists. Whilst fondling May, he tells her:

“Listen, listen baby, come with me.”

The terrified woman pulls away from him and replies:

“Please don’t hurt my arm.”

He then aggressively grabs her arm before she pulls away and walks into the metro station.

But when she realises that the man continues to follow her, May says:

“No no no no.”

She increases her walking speed but the man follows her down the stairs. Whilst on the stairs, the man gets close to her and tells her:

“Listen, come with me. I’m alone.”

The man then puts his arms around May, groping her and preventing her from getting away.

She tells him: “I’m not alone.”

The man continues to molest May before she screams and he lets her go.

The man flees the scene while May runs down the stairs, pleading:

“Please help me!”

When she realises her attacker has run away, a tearful May breathes a sigh of relief.

The attack was witnessed by her Twitch viewers, who were expressing their concern as the incident unfolded.

Watch the video. Warning – Distressing Images

The video was shared on X and many were shocked to see what had happened.

One person said: “Absolutely disgusting. May God protect these women.”

Another commented:

“OMG. I am so sorry. That is literally the worst thing I have ever seen.”

Some social media users have claimed that the perpetrator is 46-year-old Amit Jariyal, who is originally from Himachal Pradesh but is living in Hong Kong and working as a waiter.

On September 12, 2023, he was arrested on Belcher’s Street in Kennedy Town.

He is currently detained on suspicion of indecent assault and causing public outrage.

Meanwhile, May has since travelled to Macau.

In a subsequent live stream, she recounted her horrific ordeal and revealed the bruises she had sustained.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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