Indian husband saws Wife’s head off for making Spicy Food

An Indian man has killed his wife after she made him spicy food. He killed her by sawing her head off and hid the body in their home.

Indian husband saws Wife’s head off for making Spicy Food

"We never imagined that he would be so brutal."

An Indian man has been accused of sawing his wife’s head off after she made him spicy food.

According to police, Subodh Kumar didn’t like spicy dishes. When his wife Manisha served him some, he killed her.

The murder took place in east Delhi, on Saturday 11th February 2017. Reportedly, Kumar killed his wife and then hid the body in their house. The head was kept in a bag. He asked a friend to help him move the body. However, the friend informed police of what happened.

Police arrested Kumar on Tuesday 14th February 2017. They found that Manisha suffered 22 wounds.

The 40-year-old man lived with Manisha, another wife and their children. Arguments often occurred. On the night of the attack over spicy food, neighbours recalled how “she screamed and cried as he hit her”.

However, neighbours did not think to call the police.

Five days before the incident, Kumar allegedly made a PCR call to police. Also, on the same day, neighbours recounted how a drunk Kumar began banging the main door of the building where they lived.

An anonymous neighbour opened the door for Kumar, who proceeded to bang the door of his home.

The neighbour also adds: “I saw Kumar make a call to police; there were some policemen right around the corner of our colony.”

However the east district DCP Omvir Singh Bishnoi said police didn’t receive a PCR call. The police are also investigating whether Kumar had “unnatural sex with her corpse”.

The tragic incident, which started all because of spicy food, was part of a long chain of events. Kumar reportedly built up a reputation as a wife beater amongst the colony. A neighbour says:

“On Friday, a day before the murder, he started beating his wife; she was screaming.”

“We intervened, after which he took her inside their home. I complained to the landlord. The next day, she was murdered,” they added.

The neighbour also told their shock at the news: “We never imagined that he would be so brutal. He was a quiet person and seldom spoke.”

The tragic incident shows how neighbours need to be vigilant. If Kumar’s neighbours called the police, they may have saved her. Police are currently piecing up the sequences of the fatal night.

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