Indian Brothers tried to Kill Sister’s Husband on Wedding Night

Two Indian brothers from Uttam Nagar tried to murder their sister’s husband on their wedding night. The police have called it an attempted honour killing.

Indian Brothers tried to Kill Sister's Husband on Wedding Night f

"his wife's younger brother came on a motorcycle and pulled out his pistol."

Two Indian brothers from Hastsal Village, Uttam Nagar, Delhi, have been arrested for allegedly attempting to kill their brother-in-law on his wedding night.

They were arrested on Friday, May 17, 2019, in Gurgaon. Police have called it a case of attempted honour killing.

The brothers were identified as 32-year-old Neeraj and Nitin, aged 28. According to police, the brothers were against the couple’s marriage.

They had got married on May 14, 2019. The incident happened later that evening.

The man had been out with his friends when his wife’s younger brother brandished a pistol.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Rajesh Deo said:

“On Tuesday night when the victim was passing a gym along with his friends, he met one person and started talking to him. The elder brother of his wife was also nearby.

“Suddenly, his wife’s younger brother came on a motorcycle and pulled out his pistol.”

The man, who works as a personal trainer, tried to run away, however, Nitin began firing at him. One of the bullets hit him in his hand after which he fell down.

The Indian brothers then allegedly beat the victim but soon fled the scene.

Police officers were near the area and arrived at the scene when they heard gunshots.

After an investigation was underway, the police identified the brothers as the main suspects. They were in Gurgaon when they were arrested.

While the victim survived the attack, some people are unfortunately murdered as a result of honour violence.

Honour killings are a massive issue among the global South Asian community. Despite legislation and laws being put in place, there continues to be victims of this crime.

Many of attacks tend to be a family member attacking another over their relationship choices.

One case which happened in November 2018 involved two teenagers from Islamabad, Pakistan, being murdered by their cousins.

Bisma and Naheed Bibi arrived home and discovered that their cousins were waiting for them. The girls were subsequently strangled to death.

Police officers said that the girls had allegedly returned home after socialising with boys.

When the suspects found out, they went to their home and laid in wait. When the teenagers arrived home, they were strangled to death.

In another case, an Indian girl was murdered by five members of her family and a neighbour over her relationship with a boy.

They allegedly did not approve of her boyfriend and subjected her to a torturous beating before strangling her to death.

When the family was initially questioned, they lied about the cause of the girl’s death. A post-mortem found injuries which suggested she had been tortured.

The suspects were later arrested and taken into custody.

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