Driver tried to Kill Friend by Running Him Over Twice

A man from Dudley tried to murder his friend by running him over twice after they had argued about the victim’s wife.

Driver tried to Kill Friend by Running Him Over Twice f


“The reason he did that was that he intended to kill him."

Mohammed Hassan, aged 46, of Dudley, was convicted of attempting to murder his friend by running him over twice.

Before Hassan abandoned the victim lying in the road, he left his friend “knocked down like a skittle”.

At Birmingham Crown Court, the prosecutor, Michael Shaw, said:

“On April 24 last year just after 8 pm the victim in this case, who was a friend of the defendant, had got out of the defendant’s car, a Green Subaru, after an argument between the two men.

“He walked along Garrison Lane and the defendant turned his car around and followed him.

“You will see on CCTV the two men gesticulating at each other.

“The victim is on the pavement and the defendant is leaning out of the door of his car threatening the victim.”

The prosecutor said that the victim reached a junction and walked off the pavement.

Mr Shaw continued: “The defendant sees the opportunity to swing his car around and drive straight at him, knocking him into the air.

“He then did a three-point turn and drove over him a second time.

“The reason he did that was that he intended to kill him.”

According to Mr Shaw, “miraculously”, the victim merely sustained wounds to other portions of his body in addition to a shattered pelvis.

After leaving the car at a livestock factory, Hassan “laid low” for the next day.

Later, the defendant went back to his Subaru to clean it out before leaving it again on a side road.

According to Shaw, the basis of the hostility between the two men included Hassan’s former sister-in-law, his friend’s wife.

He said that the victim’s marriage had collapsed in 2016 and that both males were originally from the region along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mr Shaw continued: “In August 2020 this defendant turned up at the victim’s address and told him he had found a new bride and the marriage was going to take place immediately and in fact, that did happen.”

He claimed that the spouse of the victim was the brother-in-law of the defendant.

Mr Shaw said:

“The cause of this animosity between them seems to have been this defendant’s desire to control her and her life.”

According to the prosecution, Hassan later regretted introducing her to the victim and he admitted that he meddled in the couple’s marriage.

Following a trial, Hassan was found guilty of attempted murder.

He previously admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving as well as causing fear of violence by harassment and assaulting the victim’s wife.

Hassan will be sentenced on February 27, 2023.

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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