Hasan Raheem reveals Inspiration behind his Heartbreak Songs

Singer-songwriter Hasan Raheem spoke about his music and revealed the inspiration behind his heartbreak anthems.

Hasan Raheem reveals Inspiration behind his Heartbreak Songs f


“A song emerges from the heart."

Hasan Raheem spoke about the inspiration behind his heartbreak tracks.

In a recent interview, celebrating the launch of his new album Nautanki, Hasan Raheem delved into his musical career and life outside of music.

The singer-songwriter revealed the inspiration behind the soulful heartbreak anthems – more specifically, who?

The interviewer asked: “So can I ask you about your personal life?”

Hasan was open to the question and replied:

“No, go ahead and ask.”

He was asked whether his music merges with his love life.

“Is there any one particular girl that his songs, the romantic ones, allude to?”

Hasan Raheem responded: “There is no one [currently] but there are past experiences.

“Every time the heart breaks then joins up a little bit, then breaks again and then you break someone’s heart…

“A song emerges from the heart. I have put all these emotions in the album and every song has a certain feeling to it.”

Hasan Raheem’s album has been a hit with listeners.

The singing sensation has expanded his musical portfolio and performed live shows for audiences to enjoy his famous heartbreak anthems.

When asked about his opinion of his on-stage presence, Hasan described what performing live was like.

He said: “I come on stage and I just forget everything. I am in a different state.

“I know that I am here to sing for these people and they are here to hear me sing.

“And then, when I look into their eyes and they look back at me, we have a telepathic connection. I know that they are enjoying themselves and I am too.”

During the conversation, the musician uncovered his inspiration for becoming a singer and the influences around him when he was growing up.

Hasan shared: “I haven’t ever been picky about the music that I listen to.

“So I listen to all sorts of music, whatever I like.

“When you leave yourself open to different genres, you subconsciously absorb all these influences and develop your style.”

“When I was young, my dad would hum old Bollywood songs while he shaved and I would put my ear to the door and call out to him to sing a certain verse again.”

Hasan may be a rising star in Pakistan’s music scene, but he also has other aspirations.

He recently earned his MBBS and fans can now refer to him as Dr Hasan Raheem.

On his journey within the medical field, Raheem remarked:

“I love it when people call me Dr Hasan Raheem.

“I love my chosen profession in medicine and, one day, I plan to practise medicine full-time.”

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