Faryal Makhdoom speaks about Marriage rift with Amir Khan

After Amir revealed his “embarrassment” of their marriage rift, Faryal Makhdoom too has spoken on it. She also commented on his I’m A Celebrity appearance.

Faryal with Amir

"We all do stupid things in life. I think people read things and you don’t mean it like that."

Faryal Makhdoom gave her thoughts on the temporary split with her husband, Amir Khan. It follows their reunion after a public break-up back in August 2017.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, she said: “We all do stupid things in life.”

In addition, the 26-year-old confirmed that she had resolved the feud with Amir’s family.

With the topic of conversation concerning his I’m A Celebrity appearance, Faryal admitted her hopes that the UK public would like the boxer.

“He’s a good, good guy and I’m glad he’s on TV so people can see the real side of him. Sometimes people judge you without knowing you.

“We all do stupid things in life. I think people read things and you don’t mean it like that.” This comes after Amir’s own comments on the split, revealing his regrets over it.

Meanwhile, she addressed his fear of spiders and snakes, which has been a focal point of Amir’s time in the jungle. On 24th November, his third Bushtucker trial meant he had to confront his fear, crawling through a tunnel infested with Huntsman spiders.

While he won the task, he initially struggled with this part, saying: “Man don’t like spiders!”

Faryal revealed that Amir would ring her mobile if he spotted a spider in their home. She said at the opening of a Luton restaurant:

“He did well so I can’t wait to get home and watch his challenge. Even in the house if there’s a spider in the window, we call each other.

“He’s very strong in ­boxing but not when it comes to insects. He is really scared of spiders so I hope he does a good job. I hope people see what a good guy he is.”

But it’s not only his fears that fans have been talking about. He encountered an embarrassing moment over a question on whether there had been a female Prime Minister!

During the 26th November episode, the group discussed UK politics. Speaking to Stanley Johnson, an ex-politician and Boris Johnson’s father, Amir asked:

“When your guy’s time is up. Can a woman become Prime Minister? Has there ever been a woman Prime Minister?”

Stanley laughed as the other campmates asked the boxer if he was joking. Fans also reacted via social media, gobsmacked over Amir’s question.

While Theresa May is the current Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher became the first female PM between 1979 – 1990.

Despite Amir’s slight mishaps in the jungle, it seems his marriage with Faryal is back on track. With their second child on the way, 2018 looks set to be a fresh, new chapter for the couple.

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Images courtesy of Faryal Makhdoom Instagram.