Famous Indian Celebrity Restaurants

Dominating billboards? Check. Ruling a billion hearts? Check. Living life king size? Check. Appeasing hunger pangs of millions, eh? Yes. DESIblitz are here to enlighten your heart and your palate with some of the hottest restaurants owned by Indian celebrities.

Asha's Restaurant

This universal appeal to serve people their favourite food has whetted the interest of Indian celebrities.

One thing that a person just can’t resist is a platter of delectable food. No matter how stringent your rules regarding your diet may be, one of the most common sins, gluttony, is destined to bite you hard and deep.

This hardwiring of homo-sapiens to gorge off food has not just turned the food industry into a 21st century behemoth, but also has put the limelight back on the food business which is burgeoning with each passing second of every minute.

This universal appeal to serve people their favourite food has whetted the interest of Indian celebrities. The result is swanky places to dine-in with a dash of retro-era feel and lots of contemporary suaveness.

Here are some of the best restaurants that are owned by Indian celebrities in and outside India.


Celrbrity Restaurants Asha's

Taking about living legends, Asha’s by Asha Bhosle is the world’s first international Indian restaurant group, currently operating ten restaurants in 6 countries around the world. Including Asha’s in Birmingham, UK – definitely worth a visit!

The very Indian feel of restaurant makes it a definite stand-out when compared to the plethora of other food chains.

With food loaded with flavour, decent portions and an amazing range of cocktails for every age group, people swear by Asha’s when it comes to eating authentic Indian dishes outside of India.

We guess a melliferous voice is not the only blessing Asha Bhosle is endowed with.


Celebrity Restaurants Crepe Station

One of the fastest growing chains of restaurants, Crepe Station has completed a decade in serving with what people love the most, food. It was started way back in 2003 by the duo of Morea brothers, Dino and Nicolo.

With a successful venture underway, Crepe Station has now opened its branches in North, West and Eastern parts of India.

Famous for its breakfast, which comprises of an array of dining options to dig in, any person visiting Crepe Station Café should try the English breakfast and George Washington breakfast. Fresh American pancakes are also worth drooling over.

The place is neither too aloof nor too bland. On a clear morning with less traffic (you can always hope for the best), do sit outside and bask in the glory of nature while you enjoy your food.


Celebrity Restaurants Tendulkar's World

A gourmet restaurant owned by the little master from India, Sachin, Tendulkar’s World is all about Sachin’s life, passion and sport. Opened in 2002, Tendulkar’s World is famous for its gourmet cuisine with some star dishes from around the globe, which have tantalised the palate of Mr. Cricket himself.

It is a must visit for any cricket fan for its awe inducing ambience, which is more of a montage of Sachin’s life on four walls. As for the rest not-so-Cricket-type people, this is the Little Master’s personal signature restaurant, miss this and you will be hit for six!


Celebrity Restaurants Zaheer Khan

From fire spitting cricket balls to offering people swanky fine dining experience, Zaheer Khan is another patron of mixing business, pleasure and passion. ZK’S is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves food with a perfect combination of an authentic mix of flavour and spices from various continents and sub-continents.

ZK’s serve Continental, European, Multi-cuisine, Indian, Tandoori and Oriental dishes. With a third restaurant, which opened in 2012 at Pune, we guess Zaheer Khan is delivering the best not just on pitch but also off.

Now, we guess, you have plenty of sure-fire ways to help you ‘fooding around’!

The biggest pitching point for any celebrity restaurant is, well, the celebrities themselves. With a considerable amount of money and with a well-honed thought process in mind about the food business, celebrities do their best to see that their endeavours bear fruitful results. All this effort means a double whammy for people who are bound for life to their taste buds.

One is of course the fine food experience. Another is a chance to be a part of something which is more than just ordinary, a chance to peek into the life of people we deify with all our heart, and a chance to burn a memory in the corner of your brain which will last forever.

All that is left for you to do is pull up your socks, ditch the lunch and prepare your taste buds for an exclusive experience of a celebrity restaurant. And if you are lucky enough, you might well hit the jackpot if the celebrity, whose name is on the door, is present to relish a scrummy meal.

Dreamer by day and a writer by night, Ankit is a foodie, music lover and an MMA junkie. His motto to strive towards success is “Life is too short to wallow in sadness, so love a lot, laugh loudly and eat greedily.”