Esha Gupta speaks about being called ‘Kali Maa’

Esha Gupta opened up on her childhood and revealed that she was called ‘Kali Maa’ due to her dark complexion.

Esha Gupta speaks about being called 'Kali Maa' f

"Initially, it affected me mentally."

Esha Gupta revealed that she was often called ‘Kali Maa’ because of her dark complexion during her childhood.

Esha was shocked when she faced the comments after entering Bollywood.

Some people went further and suggested that she undergo skin whitening procedures.

Esha said: “When I became an actor, and my first film came, I remember when I used to go to meetings or auditions, people used to say, ‘Oh, you should do your colour light or take those injections, which cost a lot of money’.

“Because a lot of actresses have done that and changed the colour… but I never understood that concept.”

Esha went on to say that the decision to change something about one’s body should be their own decision and not come from outside pressure.

She continued: “I am okay with someone changing his/her nose.

“I am okay if they get it changed because they don’t like it. But I am okay with my body and features.

“There were also moments when some people told me, ‘You will never get that girl next door or cute role’.

“I am fine with it. I don’t even want it, but don’t say that it is because of my colour.”

Esha Gupta revealed that someone advised her to get a nose job.

“Someone even told me that I should change my nose because my nose is not sharp like other actresses.

“My nose is small and round. Initially, it affected me mentally.

“I had to go for a surgery because I have deviated septum and have a problem breathing, but I never did it because I was so scared that my nose’ shape might change.”

On her life growing up as a dark-skinned girl, Esha said:

“When I was a kid, I wasn’t as dark as how much I do today.

“As a toddler, I took some wrong pills, following which I was hospitalised and had to get a blood transfusion.

“After that, I became very weak and dark.”

However, she said that some distant relatives used to make comments about her.

She recalled: “They were always telling my mom that your girl is too dark, We feel so sorry for you.

“I remember one of my aunts used to call me ke Kali Maa, and I used to get upset about it.”

“My maasi used to question her, and say, ‘She is a goddess, so I don’t know what you are trying to say’. So, I have always been very conscious about how I look when I was a kid.”

She says that being a model boosted her confidence when it comes to her appearance and skin colour.

“When I started modelling, everyone just loved my colour. Because the people in fashion are much more advanced.

“It was only during the pandemic that I started working abroad because I was in Spain for a long time.

“When I used to venture out, everyone would compliment my skin tone, and ask me how I got it, which I realised that it is my Indian skin tone, and that people do love it.”

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