Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

A transformation in Indian bridal hairstyles has emerged. Join us as we delve into the best hairdos to help brides achieve their perfect look!

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Different hair types require specific hair accessories.

Finding the right Desi bride hairstyles to suit her on her wedding day is a fun yet difficult task.

Many factors have to be taken into consideration to find that desired look of perfection.

For example hair type, hair colour, ethnic accessories and most importantly whether the hairstyle will fit in with your ‘look’ on the day.

There has been a tremendous change in Indian bridal hairstyles over the years.

A lot of artists and stylists have introduced different forms of bridal hairstyles adopted from Western culture and incorporated them into Indian culture.

Many hair stylists and artists have also looked over to Bollywood for inspiration as Bollywood movies tend to feature the latest trends and focus on ‘what’s in’.

Below are five hairstyles that are perfect for the Desi bride.

Traditional Braid

Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day - 1This hairstyle has been very common, however depending on how it is styled, it can achieve many different looks.

The Desi braid comprises traditionally a thick long braid, which is decorated with accessories.

The braid can be decorated with flower garlands which go all the way down to the bottom of the braid however pearls or jewellery can also be used.

The braid is tight, neat and thick and the hairstyle commonly features a middle parting. The parting is usually adorned with a maang tikka.

Although it may be difficult to add jewellery to the parting, the hairstyle can also have a side parting to look more westernised and modern.

The traditional braid would suit anyone with the following face shapes; round, oval and triangle.

This style is considered to be very traditional, yet trendy.

Classic Bun 

Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day - 2A classic bun is one of the most popular hairstyles that most brides tend to choose.

For brides who opt to wear a dupatta, the classic bun offers a seamless solution.

The bun can be elegantly covered with the dupatta, creating a harmonious and regal appearance that is both traditional and chic.

This integration of the dupatta into the bun adds a sense of poise to the overall bridal look.

In the realm of British Asian weddings, a tight braided bun adorned with flowers at its centre has gained immense popularity.

The inclusion of fresh flowers, such as delicate rose buds, lilies, freesias, or fragrant jasmine, enhances the intricacy and sophistication of the bun.

These floral accents not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also impart a natural fragrance, making the bride’s presence all the more captivating.

Curly Downdo

Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day - 3The curly downdo is an emerging trend with bridal hair.

Many brides choose to do this hairstyle for the mehendi, adding flowers or jewellery.

The hairstyle includes curling on the whole hair, which is then pushed together to one side.

The bride can decide how she wants the curls to be – either tight or loose curls, however many brides prefer to have tight curls with hair extensions added in if the bride has thin hair to give it full effect.

Another aspect that adds to the versatility of the curly downdo is the option to style it with either a middle or side parting.

This flexibility allows brides to tailor the hairstyle to their facial features and individual preferences.

To infuse a touch of tradition, many brides choose to complement their curly downdo with a maang tikka.

Long Wavy Downdo with A Bouffant

Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day - 4Many Indian brides don’t want to have a traditional look and prefer a style that is more Westernised.

The long wavy down-do with a bouffant is perfect for a much westernised and elegant look.

The bride can leave her hair down, either wavy as that looks best or even loose curls with the top of her hair backcombed.

She can adorn the bouffant with a maang tikka or alternatively leave it as it is.

For those who wish to incorporate a bridal veil into their ensemble, the long wavy down-do with a bouffant provides a seamless solution.

The veil can be gracefully attached at the back of the hairstyle, nestled beneath the bouffant.

This arrangement ensures that the veil seamlessly integrates into the overall look, offering a perfect blend of Western style and Indian tradition.

“Messy” Bun

Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day - 5The messy bun is the experimental bridal hairstyle, where either the tight or loosely curled hair is tied in a loose bun.

This look is perfect for a bride who doesn’t want to wear a veil or cover their hair.

This open and relaxed hairstyle offers an alternative to more structured looks, allowing brides to showcase their natural beauty.

The messy bun is usually set with a middle parting, however, the hairstyle can be complete with a side parting too.

A particularly enticing aspect of the messy bun is its suitability for brides with thin hair.

This style has the unique ability to create the illusion of volume, making it an excellent choice for those looking to add a touch of glamour with hair accessories.

The bun’s voluminous appearance provides brides with ample opportunities to incorporate jewellery or decorative elements into their hair.

Final Tips

Best Desi Bride Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day - 6Research is a crucial step for brides as they prepare for their special day.

One essential aspect to consider is the texture of their hair, as this plays a significant role in determining which hairstyle will suit them best.

Different hair types require specific hair accessories, and it’s equally important for the chosen hairstyle to complement the bride’s facial features.

Having a hairstyle trial is a non-negotiable step in the preparation process.

It is risky to entrust your hair to a hairstylist without first conducting a trial session.

During this trial, the hairstylist can become familiar with any hair accessories or jewellery that need to be incorporated into the hairstyle.

Additionally, the hairstylist needs to know whether the bride intends to wear a veil and the weight of that veil.

This information is vital for ensuring that the hairstylist can prepare the bride’s hair appropriately.

When it comes to hair care in the lead-up to the wedding, different approaches are recommended based on hair thickness.

Brides with thick hair can wash their hair on the day of the function.

However, for brides with thin hair, it’s advisable to wash their hair the night before to ensure better manageability.

One noteworthy tip for all brides is to avoid using conditioner before styling their hair, as conditioner can make the hair silky and slippery.

This can pose challenges when adjusting hairpins and accessories, so it’s best to skip conditioner to achieve the desired hairstyle with ease.

Tahmeena is an English Language and Linguistics graduate who has a passion for writing, enjoys reading, particularly about history and culture and loves everything Bollywood! Her motto is; ‘Do what you love’.

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