Deepika Padukone ‘ignoring’ Ranveer Singh worries Fans

Fans have been left worried after a video showed Deepika Padukone appearing to ignore Ranveer Singh when he tried to hold her hand.

Deepika Padukone ignoring Ranveer Singh worries Fans f

"Deepika seems angry. She did not hold his hand."

Fans speculate all is not well between Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh after she seemingly ignored him.

The couple attended the Indian Sports Honours event in Mumbai along with Deepika’s father Prakash Padukone.

Deepika made a stylish entry in a black and gold Sabyasachi saree.

However, her outfit was overshadowed by a seemingly tense moment between Deepika and Ranveer.

A video has gone viral of the couple and Prakash attending the event.

After getting out of their car, Ranveer puts out his hand towards his wife to hold. But she does not reciprocate his gesture, instead holding her saree without looking at him.

Ranveer appeared annoyed, walking ahead of her with a stern look on his face.

The moment led some fans to believe that something is wrong.

One user wrote: “Deepika seems angry. She did not hold his hand.”

Another concerned fan said: “Their body language has changed completely… I feel they had a fight before this event.”

Believing that things have not been going well for the couple for a while, one said:

“Something is wrong… he is not liking her posts nor is she holding his hand. Looks like romance ended soon.”

A comment read: “She is not even looking at him.”

Some fans defended the couple.

One person wrote: “People she might not be angry, she is a different personality and an individual in her own right, why does she need to hold the hand of a man and be displayed as a trophy always?”

Another commented: “She’s just trying to manage her outfit. And he’s being a gentleman about it.”

One user said the lack of hand-holding proved they were being genuine. The user wrote:

“If they hold hands, people will say they are showing off, if they are not holding hands, people will say they are having problems.

“You can’t please people. They are the most genuine and generous couple.”

One fan claimed the matter arose due to the couple trying to be respectful towards Deepika’s father.

The user wrote: “Lol everyone is criticising Deepika for not holding Ranveer’s hand, but you guys are forgetting her dad is accompanying them.

“How can a girl hold her husband’s hand in front of her dad? Even Americans and Europeans have that respect toward their parents, leave eastern girls.”

Another criticised social media users who are speculating that there is trouble in the couple’s marriage.

“How creative people in the comments section are?

“Everyone has got their own narrative and their own assumptions without knowing the actual reality. Very talented.

“Deepika hails from a South Indian family and most people behave the same way when they are in front of elders and parents. No PDA and no unnecessary showoff.”

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