Dark Secrets are revealed in Indian Summers

Episode six of Indian Summers was a riveting ride of violence, affairs and murder. More secrets were revealed, DESIblitz has the latest.

Aafrin (Nikesh Patel)

“She’s not even especially pretty. Such a long nose and thin lips.”

After many weeks of nail-biting suspense, many dark secrets were revealed in episode six of Indian Summers.

Ralph has to deal with the arrival of his ex-lover, Jaya, a Tamil beggar woman, who is Adam’s mother.

After a passionate encounter with Alice, Aafrin is also struggling with his divided feelings for girlfriend Sita – who will he choose? DESIblitz has more.

Ramu Sood the Cruel ‘Native’ Coloniser

Ramu finds that his late wife’s wedding sari have been stolen by Jaya and in his anger beats the caretaker in a violent manner. He also blames Scotsman Ian McLeod for hiring her in the first place.

Indian SummersLandowner Sood has to be the most intriguing character so far. Despite being a ‘native’ Indian, he is a direct product of Raj imperialism and has adopted the shrewdness, cruelty and arrogance of the British.

His relationship with Ian is an unusual one. He opts to teach the Scotsman the way out of his ‘ignorance’ and it is odd to see Ian call Ramu ‘Sir’.

The consequence of becoming the subordinate is that Cynthia banishes Ian from the Club for selling out his ‘Britishness’ and choosing to work for a ‘native’.

Ralph, Madeleine, Jaya Love Triangle

Madeleine now engaged to Ralph seems to have more purpose in Simla. On a cultural excursion to see some erotic carvings with Alice and Mr Keane, a deadly cobra appears. The mysterious Captain Farquhar suddenly arrives to save the day, and shows a keen interest in Alice.

Despite declaring his love for Madeleine, Ralph is now being haunted by his old flame Jaya. Seeing Jaya and Adam standing by the compound gates, he runs to Cynthia for help.

Jaya (Husina Haque)We find that Jaya has returned after ten long years but Cynthia is keen to make her absence more permanent: “I’ll talk to Kaiser. He tends to know somebody.”

Later Ralph visits Jaya for a nostalgic encounter. It is clear that Ralph still cares for her and we find out that the Indian assassin Chandru Mohan is actually Jaya’s father.

After seeing Jaya, Ralph seeks Madeleine for a sexual release, only to be copied by one of his servants who also tries to take a maid from behind, much to her terror.

Aafrin as British Propaganda

Following their intimate kiss at the end of the last episode, Alice comes to visit Aafrin (very fittingly while it is rains). But cold-fronted Aafrin doesn’t engage Alice’s attentions, even when she gives him a note that reads, ‘Look at me’.

Before Aafrin can make his mind up about how he feels about Alice, the Dalal family have taken a 180 turn in regards to Sita and father Darius invites her to dinner.

Sooni stirs trouble, by making fun of Aafrin and saying: “Look at him, so pink and fat. Who knows? Maybe he will be Viceroy himself.”

She doesn’t stop there as she continues to mock her father for praying for the Prince of Wales who has a summer cold. But Darius puts the revolutionary Sooni in her place:

“Mock me if you wish, but remember who it is but the British that gave you the education to sit there scorning your own father.”

Roshana (Lilette Dubey) and Darius (Roshan Seth)

Later Darius sits with Roshana and recalls the days of the Army. He tells her: “All I ask is that our son should live the life that is for him.”

Roshana’s response: “She’s not even especially pretty. Such a long nose and thin lips.” “Well, we’ll just have to look at her feet,” says Darius.

But while Darius is sure of his son’s affections for Sita, Aafrin is called back to Ralph’s house to make a sketch of Alice (for Captain Farquhar to take up the mountain).

Aafrin is evidently put out by this, despite Alice’s niceties: “I have heard of British men who take Indian wives or mistresses. But never the other way round.”

Aafrin (Nikesh Patel)Alice tells Aafrin about her husband and son Percy, but when she fetches her baby to show him, Aafrin makes a hasty exit, a clear sign to Alice of his disinterest.

Later feeling bad, Aafrin sketches Alice’s portrait back at home, when he is confronted by a frustrated Sooni, who is angry that her brother seems to always get what he wants.

But Aafrin responds in kind, with his own unhappiness: “I feel as though I am dead Sooni. Or gathering dust in one of their damn files.”

Captain Farquhar Stirs up Trouble

It later transpires that Farquhar has been sent by Alice’s husband Charlie, and while he also tries to take advantage of the lonely woman, tells her that she has kidnapped her son.

Jealous Ralph who has been keeping a watchful eye on them, takes matters into his own hands and throws Farquhar down the stairs.

Walking out of the Club amidst the games of tug-and-war, Ralph calmly says to Cynthia: “There’s a chap taken ill on the back stairs.”

Jaya’s Desperation and Downfall

The violence doesn’t end there as back at the school, Jaya strikes Leena with a rock as she tries to take Adam. But Adam chooses Leena and leaves his mother, which we later find is for the last time.

Dressed in a stolen wedding sari, Jaya is waiting for Ralph by the river at night. But she is set upon by an unknown killer and drowned until dead.

A drunk Ian who is on his way home hears her cries, but we are left wondering who the killer is. Was it Ralph? Leena? Or one of Cynthia and Kaiser’s henchmen? We shall have to wait and see. Indian Summers returns to Channel 4 at 9pm on March 29th, 2015.

Aisha is an editor and a creative writer. Her passions include music, theatre, art and reading. Her motto is “Life is too short, so eat dessert first!”

Images courtesy of Channel 4

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