Chandan K Anand recalls Casting Couch Experience

‘Class’ actor Chandan K Anand spoke about the casting couch and recalled an incident that he narrowly avoided.

Chandan K Anand recalls Casting Couch Experience f

"I ran away from that coordinator’s office."

Chandan K Anand spoke about his experience with the casting couch.

The actor recalled how it was called a “compromise” earlier.

While giving his thoughts on the casting couch, Chandan recalled his own experience.

He said: “It was called compromise earlier, I have met one coordinator in my entire career.

“He said ‘you know that you will have to compromise’.

“I asked him what he meant. He asked me to share my photos with him and said he will call me somewhere.

“And I ran away from that coordinator’s office.

“So, it must be there. I think people with hidden agendas are all over the world.

“You have to stick to your values and principle and be strong. Nothing will happen till you have your last breath with you.”

He went on to speak about his struggles before joining the entertainment industry.

Chandan continued: “Yes there had been tough situations but I have a mindset that says life is now and every moment is beautiful.

“This mindset was gifted to me and with it, I came to Mumbai in 2004 with Rs. 2,000 cash in hand and dreams in my heart, bought a Rs. 425 train ticket, got down at Borivali, took another local train and reached Goregaon East at a college senior’s house.

“He was working as a scheduler in a Doordarshan show for UTV.

“I stayed with eight boys in a room, the rest is history. Today, I have my own home in Mumbai. I feel blessed.”

Chandan K Anand was last seen in the Netflix series Class, playing business tycoon Suraj Ahuja.

Speaking about the depiction of drug use in the show and how it might influence viewers, Chandan said:

“Yes, in the show, the use of drugs and the influence of it is there, but if we just see in the show the drugs are being used but if you just serve to view it in a perspective that those who are doing it, those who are into the drugs and those who are into the darker side of the life, they are not happy.

“Their relationships are very complicated, emotionally to just balance out their life they need drugs.

“So, if we just see from that point of view, audiences should take it in a negative manner that usage of drugs is not good for health and your emotional and mental being.

“So nowhere it’s enhancing or influencing the audiences to just go buy drugs or make usage of it, everybody who uses it is into the dark side of the life.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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