Rupali Ganguly reveals Casting Couch Experience

Anupamaa’s Rupali Ganguly shared her past struggles and revealed encountering the casting couch when she was auditioning for films.

Rupali Ganguly reveals Casting Couch Experience - F

"My husband does everything."

In a recent interview, Rupali Ganguly shared her experiences from her early days, acknowledging that she faced the casting couch while striving to establish herself in the film industry.

Shedding light on the less glamorous aspects of showbiz, the Anupamaa star disclosed several uncomfortable incidents that ultimately led her to abandon her dreams of a film career.

Delving further into her experiences, Rupali elaborated: “There was one time when I didn’t do well in films, and that was a choice I made.

“Because predominantly casting couch existed in the industry at that point in time, it did.

“Maybe some people didn’t come across it, but people like me did come across it, and we decided not to make that choice.”

In the same discussion, the actress also revealed that her decision to enter the world of television was met with disapproval from her family.

Despite having a background in the film industry, her choice to pursue television was initially regarded as a setback.

She admitted to feeling disheartened back then but has since found pride in her choices.

She said: “I feel very proud. My Anupamaa has given me that stature and position which I always dreamt of and I hoped for her.”

In the same interview, Rupali said that she is proud of the fact that her husband is a homemaker.

Rupali said to Pinkvilla: “My husband does everything.

“From cooking to everything and today he is the homemaker and I am very proud of the fact that he is the homemaker. So blessed am I.”

However, life was not a smooth run for the actress who spent more than six years without work.

Recalling those 6.5 years when Rupali had to manage the household chores, she said:

“I think my life was more hectic, more stressful, more hard work when I was just a homemaker for those 6.5 years.

“So, during this time when I was home, I used to wake up early before everyone woke up. No one ever told me to wake up early. My husband really pampers me.

“But that is the way our upbringing is and that is the way we are conditioned that it has to be done and I’ll have to do it.”

Rupali Ganguly’s journey in the entertainment industry began in 1985 as a child artist in the film Saaheb.

In 2000, she ventured into television with the serial Sukanya.

Her career then blossomed with roles in popular television dramas such as Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Parvarrish – Kuchh Khatte Kuchh Meethi, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Baa Bahoo Aur Baby, and many others.

Currently, Rupali Ganguly is enjoying great acclaim for her role in the ongoing serial Anupamaa.

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