Celina Jaitly slams Pakistani Critic for Spreading Lies

Celina Jaitly has elaborated on the incident with the Pakistani critic who spread false rumours about her.

Celina Jaitly slams Pakistani Critic for Spreading Lies f

"he made claims targeting me and my family’s safety"

Celina Jaitly has stated that she will be taking legal action against critic Umair Sandhu for spreading false rumours about her personal life.

The critic, who claims to be from Pakistan, accused Celina of sleeping with Fardeen Khan and his late father Feroz.

In April 2023, Umair tweeted:

“Celina Jaitly is the only actress in Bollywood who slept with both father (Feroz Khan) and son (Fardeen Khan) many times.”

Celina hit back, saying: “Dear Mr Sandhu, I hope posting this gives you the much-needed girth and length to become a man, and some hope to cure you of your erectile dysfunction.

“There are other ways to fix your problem, like going to a doctor, you must try it sometime!”

She went on to tag Twitter Safety and requested them to take action against the derogatory tweet.

Celina has now elaborated on the incident.

She tweeted: “A few months ago, a self-proclaimed Hindi film critic and journalist from Pakistan named Umair Sandhu took to Twitter to make viral untrue horrific claims about me.

“Which included bizarre allegations like my relations with both my mentor Feroz Khan and his son Fardeen.

“In addition, he made claims targeting me and my family’s safety and security even in Austria.”

Celina went on to reveal that since the online attack, she has received messages of support from Pakistani nationals, who expressed disappointment towards Umair.

She continued: “The perpetrator changed his location on social media consistently, but was hiding in Pakistan.

“As a result thereof, legal recourse was not possible for me, and he continued to assault my character and modesty from across the border.”

Celina submitted a letter of complaint to the National Commission of Women in India, who then wrote to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), urging them to take necessary steps to deal with the verbal attack.

Celina spoke of why she decided to take action against Umair and revealed she would not back down until he was dealt with appropriately.

She said: “For me, it was not just a fight for the open assault on my character, but also an assault on my integrity, my motherhood, my family and above all my Godfather.

“My beloved mentor Mr Feroz Khan, who is no longer in this world here to defend himself.

“He was my mentor, my friend, my guide, and I am eternally grateful for the love, respect and career he gave me.”

“I am an Indian army war hero’s daughter, and I was going to fight it till my last breath, even if it meant going to Pakistan to teach this person a lesson.”

Celina thanked all individuals who teamed with her in her fight for justice.

She added: “I feel proud to be an Indian woman today. Four generations of my family, including my father, gave their blood to our nation.

“And today, when they are no longer in this world, I feel glad to be treated as a daughter of my nation wherein the government is my protector and guardian.

“Proud to be an Indian woman.”

Sana is from a law background who's pursuing her love of writing. She likes reading, music, cooking and making her own jam. Her motto is: "Taking the second step is always less scarier than taking the first."

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